51+ Best Low Investment Business Ideas in Mumbai (2023) Small Business Ideas in Mumbai (Maharashtra)

If You Are Looking to Start a Profitable Small Business Ideas in Mumbai, Then You Are at the Right Place, Here in This Post, We Have Covered From All the Small Businesses to Start of Ideas That You Can Start in Mumbai and Make It Profitable.

Maharashtra, Mumbai is the Economical Capital of India Which Was Formed in 1960 and Mumbai is Its Capital. With India’s Biggest Economy State, It Holds a GDP of US$ 400 Billion.

There Are Many Major Cities Like Nashik, Malegaon Jalgaon, Dhule and Bhusawal, North Maharashtra, and Konkan Are the Biggest and Best Place to Start Any Business or Startups With All the Suitable Environments for Business hubs.

The Maharashtra Economy is Majorly Depends on International Trade, Mass Media, Aerospace, Technology, Petroleum, Fashion, Apparel, Tourism, and Also Much Small Business Out There.

It is Full of Heritages to Natural Beauties to Visit Like Ajanta, Ellora, Colonial Architecture, Beaches, Movie Industry, and Temples Like Mahabaleshwar and Forts Like Shivaneri, Rajgad, Sinhagad, Raigad, and Pratapgad That Attract the Visitors to It.

Business Ideas in Mumbai

List of 50+ Best Low Investment Business Ideas in Mumbai | Small Business Opportunities in Mumbai (Maharashtra)

From Local Business to Startup Ideas We Have Added All of them, So Find The Best Business For Yourself And Grow it With the help of Online Marketing.

01. Acting & Fashion Business

Acting & FashionAs Mumbai is the fashion capital of India and the Bollywood is There, So You can Start a Small Acting & fashion Business. Find all the Small Video Production team and Deal For Small Artist.

in This Business You can Hire New and Small Artist who wants to Work in or Start Their carrier with Few Amount. You can Hire Them with Audition and Deal them with Small Video Production Team in Mumbai.

It is a High profitable Business Where you Give Opportunities to New Comers and Make Money.

02. Dance Classes

Dance ClassesIndia Has Different Types of Culture and Tradition, and It is Widely Popular for Different Types of Classical Music and Dance Out There. Also, Many Teenagers Also Like to Learn Dancing and Singling From Hip-hop to Classical.

So Starting a Dancing and Music School is Also a Small Lucrative Business to Start With Low Investment and You Can Charge Fees for on a Class Basis.

03. Grocery Delivery Shop In Mumbai

In Mumbai, the Culture of the Grocery Home Delivery Business is Growing Rapidly, People Order Different Types of Groceries Through Online, So Starting a Local Grocery Home Delivery Business is a Highly Profitable Small Business to Start in 2023.

To Start a Grocery Home Delivery Business You Need to Deal With Local Grocery Shops and Higher Local People to Delivery the Grocery at Door Step, Perfect Planning and Investment Will Help You to Grow This Business and Make Money From It.

04. Modeling Photography Business

Mumbai is Widely Known for Bollywood, Starting Any Business Related to Cinema is Another Great Business Choice, With a Very Low Investment You Can Start a Model Photography Business, but It Needs a Camera, Light, and Computer to Start It.

There Are Many Models, Instagram Influencers, and Youtuber for Modelling Photo Shoots, and You Can Help Them With Low Prices, Start Your Business Open an Online Website and Get Clients, You Can Also Directly Peach the Instagram Influence for Photoshoots.

05. Open a Studio for Artist

There Are Many New Comers, Rappers, and Singers Coming to the Front and Want to Record They Are Music Videos or Song, So You Can Start a Small Studio for the Artist.

The Major Problem with Newcomers is They Do Not Have Much Money for It, So Providing Them Studio Facility At a Low Cost Will Help You to Make Your Business Grow.

06. Real Estate Consultant Agency

Training ConsultantReal Estate Consultant is One of the Most Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start in Mumbai 2023, They Are 4 Types of Real Estate Business, and Find the Best One as You Like.

To Start a Real Estate Consultant Business You Have to Invest Money in Marketing and Deal With Local Customers. To Make Money in This Small, You Can Work as a Referral Agent, Invest in Real Estate, Become a Broker and Investment Plan Maker and Sell to the Customers.

07. Digital Marketing Agency

In Mumbai, There is a Highly Potential for Digital Marketing Business in 2023. In Simple Way, to Sell Products Through Online With The Help Of Promotion and Market Other Business With the help Of Online is Called Digital Marketing.

Less Than 100$, You Can Launch Your Digital Marketing Business and Sell, Market, and Promote Products and Services Online. It is Highly Popular in Other Countries in Mumbai.

It is Growing Rapidly, and People Like to Order Products Online, and if You Have Any Investments or Products Then You Can Sell them, Through Online Marketing and Make Money From Them.

08. Food Restaurant in Mumbai


Starting a Restaurant in Mumbai is Another Small Business Which You Can Start With Low Investment and Make Money From It, if You Have Low Budget Than Also You Can Start a Restaurant Business in Road Side, in Crowded Places, Temple, Colleges and Office Places.

There Are Many Small Restaurants and Local Dhaba Where People Find the Best Food at an Affordable Cost. You Can Start a Local Small Restaurant and Serve the Local Spicy Food Which Is the All-Time Favorite of Mumbai.

09. Franchise Business

Franchise Businesses in Mumbai Getting Popular Day by Day and It is the Best Opportunity to Start a Franchise Business in Mumbai in 2023.

There Are Hundreds of Companies Who Sell Their Franchise and You Can Choose Any of Them With Your Local Market Research. Some of the Best Franchises in India are Domino’s franchises, McDonald’s, KFC, FirstCry Franchise, and More.

You Can Start Franchise Business in Food, Cloth, Beverage, Retail Fashion, Jewellery, Healthcare, and Many More as You Like. Franchise Business Makes Your Business Run Smoothly and Helps You to Make a Decent Profit Within Few Months.

10. Travel Agency

Tours and Travel BusinessWith a Very Low Investment, You Can Start a Travel Agency Business in Your Local Area by Planning the Best Travel Plan for Your Customers.

Mumbai is One of the Biggest Travelling Spot, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, and You Can Help Outsiders or Send Other People to Visit Mumbai and Help Them to Make the Perfect Plan With the Hotel Booking, Tickets, and Other Plans and Make Money From Them.

Start It is Both Online and Offline Business, and Get Customers From Both Sides to Increase Your Business.

11. Mumbai Documentary & Vlog

It is Not a Secret That Making Money Online is Possible and Many People Also Earn a Descent Amount From Online, Vlogging is One of the Online Businesses Which You Can Start While Traveling.

There Are Many Travelling Place in Mumbai, and You Can Explore Them and Record Them, and With a Proper Edit, You Can Upload It on Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to Make Money From Them.

There Are Hundreds of People Starting Vlog Channels on Youtube and Making the Money From This Online Business While Travelling and Exploring.

12. Ola/ Uber Partner

Ola/ Uber Are One of the Best Auto Sharing Platforms and You Can Start a Part-Time or Full-Time Business. If You Have a Car or Bike and Proper Documentation Then You Can Start Ola/ Uber Partner.

There Are Many People in India Who Travel on Ola/ Uber Regularly and You Can Help Them to Reach There Destination and Make Money From This Business, You Can Simply Register on These Platforms and Provide Ride Sharing Service Anytime.

There is Also a Small Business Called “Rapido” that Helps Bikers for Bike Sharing and Help People to Make Money From It.

13. Start Yoga Classes

People in Mumbai Becoming Health Conscious Day by Day So They Look for Different Yoga Instructors for the Better Growth of the Their Health.

If You Have Any Idea in Fitness Then You Can Start a Small Yoga Classes Business in Your Local Area and Provide Coaching to the People, You Can Also Open a Gym Center, and Train People for the Better Growth of Their Health by Charging Them Monthly or on Sessions Basis.

14. Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce BusinessIn Mumbai, There is a Highly High Potential for E-commerce Business in 2023. In Simple Way, to Sell Products Through Online and Deliver It to the Customer is Called E-commerce.

Less Than 100$, You Can Launch Your E-commerce Business and Sell Products Throw Online. It is Highly Popular in Other Countries in Mumbai It is Growing Rapidly, and People Like to Order Products Online, and if You Have Any Investments or Products Then You Can Sell them, Through Online and Make Money From Them.

15. Event Management Business

Mumbai Has Many Hotels and Visiting Places and Many People Wants to Celebrate They Are Birthday, Meeting, and Wedding Ceremonies. You Can Start an Event Management Business With Very Low Investment.

It Requires Human Resources to Start This Business and With a Low Investment, You Can Target the Middle-Class People to Get Your Client Fast and Provide Better Services at a Cheap Price.

16. Street Food Business

Street Food BusinessMumbai is Widely Known for Different Types of Delicious Street Foods, Starting a Street Food Business is One of the Best Local Businesses You Can Start Both Part Time or Full Time.

In Mumbai, There Are Different Cities, and Starting a Street Food Business as Regional Business is Highly Profitable. In This Business, You Can Start With a Very Low Investment and No Need to Pay Any Rent as Well So It is the Best Small Business Idea.

17. Zumba Classes

Zumba is Very Famous in Mumbai Metro City as It Has Many Benefits, So Starting Small Zumba Classes for Women is Another Local Business That You Can Start From Your Home.

With a Very Low Cost, You Can Start Your Zumba Classes and Ask Your Colony and Neighbors to Join At an Affordable Price and Help Them to Learn Highly Choreographed Movements Set to Upbeat Music and International Music.

18. Different Rental Business

Rental BusinessThere Are Different Types of Renting Businesses Like Car Renting, Bike, and House Renting You Can Start Any of Them With a Very Low Investment, It is one of the Best Local Businesses to Start in Any Area in Mumbai.

There Are Many People Who Visit Mumbai, Looking for Different Types of Car Bike Renting, and We Can Start It by Gathering Different Bikes on Lease or With 3-5 Bikes in the Initial Stage of Business.

You Can Charge Hourly or Daily Basis From This Renting Business and Make Money From It. From Both Online and Offline, You Can a List the Business and Take It to an Another Level.

19. Security & Bouncer Services

Mumbai is Full of Superstars, Instagram Influencers, YouTubers, and Rappers, and Starting a Security or Bouncer Service in Mumbai is Another Profitable Business That You Can Start.

There Are Many Concerts and Programs Held in Mumbai and You Can Provide Your Security Service Out There, to Start This Business It Needs Some Investment in People, and Marketing to Get Your Client Fast.

20. Tuition Classes

Education BusinessStarting a Tuition Class is Another Local Business, Many Parents Are Looking for Tuition Teachers for Their Children and They Are Reay to Pay Any Amount.

So if You Have Any Knowledge Then You Can Start Private Tuition Classes as a Part-Time Business and Make Some Extra Money From It.

You Can Charge Monthly or Class Basis and Earn Money as a Part-Time Business.

21. Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlour Salon and Spa BusinessWith the Increasing of Human Also Increase the Service Based Business Related to It. Beauty Parlor is One of the Most Demanded Businesses Which You Can Start From Your Home With Low Investment.

With Prior Connections Between the Ladies of the Society, You Can Start It as Small Business in Your Local Area.

There Are Many Women Who Want Different Types of Facials, Pedicure, Manicure, Eyebrow Saving, and Other Works, and in the Initial Stage of Business, You Can Give Discounts to More Customers in Your Locality.

Top 10+ Best Online Business Ideas in Mumbai | Business Ideas with Low Investment

  1. Content Writing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. Ecommerce
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Computer Training
  8. Become a blogger
  9. Online Teaching
  10. Earn From Survey Sites

Low Cost Business Ideas in Mumbai

  1. Local Street Food Shop
  2. Open a Restaurant
  3. Coffee/Tea Stall
  4. Create Online Courses
  5. Start a Food Delivery Business
  6. Open a Coaching Center
  7. Start a Grocery Shop/Delivery

Top 5 Local Business Ideas in Mumbai

  1. Service-Based Business
  2. Local Street Food Shop
  3. Private Tutor
  4. Mobile Repairing Shop
  5. Grocery Shop

Top 5 Manufacturing Business Ideas in Mumbai

  1. Environment- Friendly Bags
  2. Cosmetic Products
  3. Homemade Chocolates & Cakes
  4. Smartphone Accessories
  5. Automobile Parts Manufacturing

Low Investment Business Opportunities in Mumbai 2023 | Why You Should Start a Business in Maharashtra

There Are Several Types of People in Mumbai From Different States of India, There Are Many Universities to Tech Companies in Mumbai Also the Home of Bollywood Cinema.

For the Transportation and Travel is is Connected in 4 Ways Like Air, Water, Railways, Metro, Roads, and Others.

With Skilled People, It is Also Investor Friends and the BSE is in Mumbai Where Thousands of Business Are There.

  1. Multi Opportunity
  2. Connect in 5 Ways
  3. High Return
  4. Investor Friendly
  5. Industrial Hub
  6. Workforce
  7. Startup Friendly
  8. Future Ready
  9. Quick Adaptation

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (F&Q)

Q1. Which Business is Most Profitable in Mumbai?

Ans- Startups, Model Photo Shoot, Blogging, Consultancy, Real Estate Businesses, Delivery Business, Vlogging, Trader, and Event Management Companies Are the Most Profitable Business in Mumbai

Q2. Which is a Good Business to Start in Mumbai?

Ans- Blogging, Trading, Real Estate, Delivery Business, Vlogging, Consultancy, and Influencers Are Good Businesses to Start in Mumbai.

Q3. What Are the Top 5 Best Online Businesses in Mumbai?

Ans- Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Blogging, and Ads Marketing Are the Top 5 Online Businesses With High Earning in Mumbai.


Maharashtra is a Hub for Startup Businesses and the Mumbai City Has the Quick Adaptation of It So Starting From Street Food Selling to Online Business Business It Has Many Opportunities.

In This Post, We Tried Our Best to List All of Them in Front of You and You Can Choose Any of Them to Start. If You Are Looking for More Business Ideas Then Also Visit Other Post S on This Site. We Have Added Many Articles and Business Tools for You.