21 Best Business Ideas in Meghalaya 2023 (Unique & Profitable)

Meghalaya is a North Eastern State in India and Starting of Best Business Ideas in Meghalaya 2023 is Very Unique and Business Friendly.

Meghalaya is a State of Beauty and is Packed With Forests, Mountains, and Other Natural Places. Its Capital is Shillong, and It Was Formed in 1972. With the GDP of US$ 4.61 Billion, Meghalaya is Widely Known as the Best Natural Travel Place.

The Meghalaya Economy is Most Based on Agriculture, Industry, Electricity Infrastructure, Education Infrastructure, Health Infrastructure, and Many More, So It Holds a Great Opportunity to Start Small Businesses.

For the Travel and Transportation, It is Connected With Roadways, Railways, and Airports to Import and Export.

There Are Many Travel Places Like Elephant Falls, Krang Suri Waterfall, Umiam Lake, Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji, Caves, and Diengiei Peak Which You Can Visit and Start a Tourism or Travel Guide.

Best Business Ideas in Meghalaya

Best Business Ideas in Meghalaya 2023 (Unique & Profitable)

Here in This Post, We Have Listed All the Best Small Businesses to Online Businesses Then You Can Start From Home, Before Starting Any Business Focus on 3 Things

  1. Market Demand
  2. Multiple Earning Options
  3. Your Interest

These 3 Steps Will Help You to Start Your Business and Run It for a Long Time With Full Motivation.

01. Start a Florist Business

Florist ShopMany People Love to Grow Flowers With Their Hands and Take the Proper Care of Flowers if You Are One of Them Then You Can Start a Florist Shop is Local Business in Meghalaya.

The Demand for Flowers is Growing Rapidly as the Increasing of Wedding, Decoration, Worshiping God, and Many More, So You Can Start a Local Florist Shop and Make Money From This Small Business.

With the Use of Online Listing and Offline Promotion, You Can Also Take Your Business to Another Level and Make It a Small Start-up as Well.

02. Bamboo Handicrafts

There Are 35 Bamboo Species Found In Meghalaya and There Are a Major Amount of People Depend on Different Types of Bamboo Work.

There is a Widely Use of Bamboo Tree in Making Baskets, Khoh, Small Fruit Basket, Coiled Cane Containers, Khasi Bamboo Pipes Are Made From Hand and They Sell It in the Local Market.

So Starting a Small Local Business Around It is Anther Profitable Business That You Can Start.

03. Open a Spice Store

Spice StoreMeghalaya is Widely Known for Different Types of Spices and Export a Huge Amount of Spices Around the Globe, So Starting a Small Spices Store Business is Another Profitable Business.

India is the Store House of Different Raw Materials of Spices.

You Can Start a Small Spices Manufacturing Business if You Have Some Ideas and Availability of Raw Materials, Then Starting a Spice Business is Very Profitable and You Can Export It Across the World.

04. Ethnic Fashion

Ethinic FashionEthnic Fashion is One of the Best Traditional Wear That Represents Our Nationality and Introduces Which We Are in Master. There is a High Demand for Ethnic Fashion and Starting a Business is Very Profitable.

To Start an Ethnic Business You Need Some Skilled People, Resign Different Types of Traditional Clothes and You Can Sell Them Both Online and Offline.

There Are Different Types of Ethnic Wear in India Like Traditional Sarees, Suits, Traditional Costumes, Shawls, Lehengas, and Many More.

05. Ecotourism

Meghalaya is Full Of Natural Beauties and You Can Find Many Natural Places, Hills, Lakes, Waterfalls and Temples Preserved. So You can Start a Small Ecotourism Business Related to it.

With the Proper Government Permission, You can Start an Ecotourism Business From Both Online and Offline in Your Near Area and Help The Tourist to Explore The Natural Beauty Without Impact The Local People and Nature.

There is a Very High Scope Eco Tourism as India is Full of Stunning Beautiful Places and You can Help other People By Making Money From this Business.

06. Start a Tea/Coffee Shop

Start a Tea ShopStarting Tea Business is One of the Best Local Businesses You Can Start in a Crowded Place Like a College, Office, School, Near a Restaurant, and Many More Places.

Tea is One of the Highest Consumed Beverages in Meghalaya and Many Entrepreneurs Come to the Front When It Comes to a Billionaire From Tea Business.

With a Very Low Investment, You Can Start a Tv Business in Meghalaya and Make Money From It, With a Little Investment You Can Take It as a Franchise Business as Well.

07. Franchise Business

Franchise Business is One of the Best Businesses to Start in Meghalaya With Some Investment. Start a Franchise Business in Your Local Area in Any Category Like Food, Clothes, and Beverages of Any Reputed Brand.

In This Business, You Will Get the Customers for Free, of Any Reputed Brand. There Are Also Many Brands Where You Can Get the Franchise With Very Low Investment and Start Your Small Business in Your Area.

You Can Also Choose From an Indian Franchise as Per Your Budget, and Start a Profitable Business in Your Area.

08. Travel Agency

Meghalaya is Full of Natural Beauties, There Are Many Mountains, Hill Stations, Temples, and Many More, So You Can Start a Travel Agency Business Related to It.

There Are Many People in Meghalaya Who Want to Travel as Solo Trip, With Couple, Friends and Family, You Can Help Them to Make a Perfect Travel Plan With All the Tickets of Hotel, Plans, or Trains, Booking, and Make Money From Them.

09. Open A Gift Store

Start A Gift StoreThe Culture of Gift Growing Rapidly in India, and People Are Looking for Different Types of Gifts for Birthday, Wedding, Parties, and Many More.

You Can Start a Gift Store Both Online and Offline and Send Your Products and Make Money From Them, There is a High Demand for Gift Stores and You Can Start It at a Low Investment and Make Money From Them.

Adding the Low Price of Gifts From 150-5000rs Will Help You to Sell More Gifts to the Customer.

10. Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlour Salon and Spa BusinessWith the Increasing of Human Also Increase the Service Based Business Related to It. Beauty Parlor is One of the Most Demanded Businesses Which You Can Start From Your Home With Low Investment.

With Prior Connections Between the Ladies of the Society, You Can Start It as Small Business in Your Local Area.

There Are Many Women Who Want Different Types of Facials, Pedicure, Manicure, Eyebrow Saving, and Other Works, and in the Initial Stage of Business, You Can Give Discounts to More Customers in Your Locality.

11. Healthy Street Food Business

Street Food BusinessChoosing the Best Regional Food and Sell It as a Local Street Food Business is Another Profitable Local Business Which You Can Start at a Very Low Price.

In Meghalaya, There is a Very High Demand of Spicy Street Foods and the Size of the Stall Might Be Small the Profit is Very High. In This Small Business, You Don’t Have to Pay Any Amount as Rent or Other Fees.

Start This Local Food Business as Part Time or Full Time Business and Make Money From It.

12. Start Automobile Shop

Automobile ShopThere is a Very High Demand for Automobile Businesses in Meghalaya and You Can Start It Easily With a Very Low Investment. You Can Start Three Types of Automobile Business Like Sales, Washing, and Services.

With a Very Low Investment You Can Start a Car Washing Business in Your Local Area or an Automobile Repairing Service Business, So if You Have Not Any Investment Then You Can Go With These Two businesses Are Highly Profitable Amount.

13. Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce BusinessOnline E-commerce Is the Best Work From Home Business to Start in Meghalaya 2023, Selling Products Online and Make Money From It is Called Ecommerce Business and It is Growing Rapidly in Meghalaya.

If You Have Any Products Then You Can Sell It Online With the Help of Digital Marketing, or You Can Start Affiliate Marketing if You Do Not Have Any Products and You Can Make Money From Home, It is One of the Best Businesses Which You Can Start as a Part-Time Business for Yourself or Your Client.

14. Open Bakery Shop

Starting Any Type of Bakery Business is Highly Probable in Meghalaya 2023, It is One of the Best Local Businesses Which You Can Start With a Very Low Investment and Make Money From It.

In Meghalaya, There is a High Demand for Chocolate Cake, Cream Roll, Bread, Snacks, and Many More and You Can Bake the Homemade Pizza and Sale in Your Local Area. With the Help of Cloud Kitchen, You Can Sell It Also Online Through Swiggy, Zomato, and Other Local Food Delivery in Platforms.

15. Medical Shop

Starting a Medical Shop as a Local Business is One of the Best Small Businesses That You Can Start in Meghalaya in 2023. In Meghalaya, There Are Many Rural Cities Where No Medical Shops are Out There and With Low Investment You Can Start a Medicine Shop.

To Start a Medicine Shop You Need a Medical Certificate, to Make This Business More Profitable, You Can Call Specialist Doctors From University a Day in a Week and Sell Both Medicines and Visiting Fees.

16. Freelance Content Writing

Freelance WritingThe Price of a 1000 Word Business Article is 100$ – Here You Can Assume the Potential of Finance Writing in 2023.

Of Course, There Are Many Tools in the Market but No One Can Match Human Writing, It is 100% Unique, Attractive, and Plagiarism Free, So There is a Very High of Freelance Writers. It is the Best Business Idea Which You Can Start From Home and With Zero Investment You Can Earn Money From It.

There Are Many Bloggers, Media Companies, and Youtubers, Higher Freelance writers for Different Types of Writing Work Like Article Writing, Copy Writing, Ghost Writing, and Many More.

17. Paying Guest Service

If You Have Some Extra Rooms, Then You Can Make Money From It is Paying Guest Service Business. It is a Business Where People Rent a House to Stay a Few Days and Pay for It.

So if You Have Any Room/house With All the Commodities Then You Can Rent Them and Make Only From Them. It is Highly Popular in Other Countries and Growing in Meghalaya Day by Day. There Are Many Platform Where You Can Upload Your Room Pictures and People Will Ask You to rent.

Air BNB is One the Biggest Platform Out There Where You List Your Home.

18. Different Rental Business

Rental BusinessStarting of Renting Business is Another Profitable Small Business Idea in Meghalaya 2023. There Are Different Types of Renting Business Like Car Renting Business, Bike Renting, Home Renting, and Many More.

If You Have Some Investment Then You Can Start a Car or Bike Renting Business in Your Local Area. There and Many People Looking for Cars and Bikes, and You Can Provide Them by Charging Hourly or Day.

Renting is One of the Most Profitable Small Businesses You Can Start in Any Famous Place in Your Area and Make Money From It.

19. Consultancy Business

Training ConsultantThe Demand for Multiple Consultancy Businesses is Growing Rapidly in Meghalaya, People Like to Get Advice From the Expert or Professional Before Starting Any Work.

There Are Different Types of Consultancy Businesses Like Health Consultancy, Career Consultancy, Online Digital Marketing, Training Consultancy, and Many More.

So, to Have Any Knowledge Only Particular Field Then You Can Start a Consultancy Business in Meghalaya in 2023 and Get Clients From Both Online and Offline.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (F&Q)

Q1. Which is the Best Business Ideas in Meghalaya?

Ans- Profitable Local Business Like Agriculture and Food Processing, Horticulture, Mining, Cement, Tourism, Handloom, and Handicrafts, Are the Best Business in Meghalaya.

Q2. Which Industry is Famous in Meghalaya?

Ans- Agriculture, Handloom, and Wood-based Industries Like Bamboo Tree Products Are Famous Industries Also Mining and Entrepreneurship Business Are Their.

Q3. What Are the Low-cost Small Businesses in Meghalaya?

Ans- Bamboo Tree Products Manufacturing, Horticulture, Food Processing, Handloom and Handicrafts, and Blogging Are the Best Low-cost Business Ideas to Start in Meghalaya.


So These Are the Best Small Business to Start in Meghalaya, Starting of Local Business and Online Business Will Help You to Make Your Business More Successful and Earn Money From It.

You Can Also Launch Your Tourism Website and Attract Outsiders for the Meghalaya Tours and Travel, if You Are Looking for More Unique Small Business Ideas Then Also Visit Other Posts on This Site.