45+ Best Business Ideas in Odisha 2023 (Profitable)

Odisha is an Eastern State in India and Here are All the Best Business Ideas in Odisha 2023, From Small Business to Local Businesses and Traditional Businesses, We Cover All of Them.

Odisha is an East Cost State That is Situated Near the Bay of Bengal Sea, the Regional Language is Odia and With the 11th Largest by Population. With the Position of 11th Largest Economy Odisha Holds the GDP of Us$73 Billion and Bhubaneswar is Its Capital Which is Also Called the City of Temple.

It is a State of Peace and Development Where Different Cities Like Cuttack, Rourkela, Brahmapur, Sambalpur, Puri, Cuttack, and Khurda, to Start Any Business From Online to Offline.

The Odisha is Full of Natural Beauties’ and Temples Like Puri Jagannath, Konark Sun Template, Lingaraja Temple, and Maa Tarini Temple, and From Chilika to Udaygiri, It is Packed with Natural Beauties and Sea Beaches So Starting Any Tourism Business is Also a Great Opportunity.

Business Ideas to Start in Odisha

List of Best Business Ideas in Odisha 2023 (Profitable)

Here in This Post, We Have Listed All the Low Cost Small Business Idea, Manufacturing Business, Clothing Business Along With Local and Online Business That You Can Start From Your Home and Earn Money in 2023.

01. Food Business

Odisha Food BusinessOdisha is Widely Known From Different Local Foods Like Khaja, Chhenna Poda, Rasagola, Dahi Bara Aloo Dam, and Many More, So Starting a Local Street Business is Another Best Idea.

You Can Start This Business From Home and Sell It as a Street Food to the Outsiders, It is One of the Best Traditional Food Businesses Are Working on Reginal Food and Will Help You to Sell More.

02. Handicrafts

HandloomOdisha is a Peace Loved State Where Most of the People Are Highly Skilled Workers When It Comes to Different Traditional Cultures and Hand Made Products.

So Starting of Different Handicrafts Products From Ethnic Wear to Handloom Products Likes Toys Utensils Are Another Local Business That You Can Start.

03. Local Restaurants and Dhaba

RestaurantStarting a Restaurant in Odisha is Another Small Business Which You Can Start With Low Investment and Make Money From It, if You Have Low Budget Than Also You Can Start a Restaurant Business in Road Side, in Crowded Places, Temple, Colleges, and Office Places.

There Are Many Small Restaurants and Local Dhaba Where People Find the Best Food at an Affordable Cost. You Can Start a Local Small Restaurant and Serve the Local Spicy Food Which Is the All-Time Favorite of Odisha.

04. Local Street Food Business

Street Food BusinessChoosing the Best Local Food and Sell It as a Local Street Food Business is Another Profitable Local Business Which You Can Start at a Very Low Price.

In Odisha, There is a Very High Demand for Spicy Street Foods and the Size of the Stall Might Be Small the Profit is Very High. In This Small Business, You Don’t Have to Pay Any Amount as Rent or Other Fees.

Start This Local Food Business as Part Time or Full Time Business and Make Money From It.

05. Cashew Nut Processing

Cashew Nut (Kaju) is One of the High Price Dry Fruits and From Cake to Pudding, It Has a High Demand, in Odisha Starting of the Cashew Nut Processing Business, is Another Profitable Business You Can Start With Low Investment.

There Are Many Cities, Where is a Highly Farming Cashews Nut Happened Are Some of Them Are

  • Ganjam
  • Bhubaneswar
  • Gajapati
  • Berhampur
  • Khordha
  • Nabarangapur

The Process of Finding Cashew Nut From the Cashew is a Difficult Task and Has to Go Through the Machinery Processing. By Taking a Small Bank Loan You Can Start a Small Cashew Nut Processing Business in Odisha and Earn Money From It. You Can Also Sell It Online and Local Market.

06. Ecotourism & Travel

Odisha is Full Of Natural Beauties and You Can Find Many Natural Places, Hills, and Temples preserved From Chilika to Puri. So You can Start a Small Ecotourism Business Related to it.

With the Proper Government Permission, You can Start an Ecotourism Business From Both Online and Offline in Your Near Area and Help The Tourist to Explore The Natural Beauty Without Impact The Local People and Nature.

There is a Very High Scope Eco Tourism as India is Full of Stunning Beautiful Places and You can Help other People By Making Money From this Business.

07. Embroidery Unit

The Traditional Embroidery Business & Handloom is Yet Another Profitable Business and It Has a High Demand in International Market as Well.

Kantha Embroidery is One of the Most Popular Among Them, Pipili is One of the Most Popular Places, Where Many Skilled Workers Are, So Start a Small Business Around It.

With the Help of Machinery, You Can Work on Dhotis, Sarees, Pato, Lehnga, and Handkerchief and Sell It All Over the Work With the Help of Online.

08. Jute Bag Making

Jute Bag makingIn Odisha and Bhubaneswar, There Are Many People Who Depend on Manufacturing Jute Bag and Selling It in Local Market

Jute Bags Are the Alternative to Plastics Bags. Jute Bags Are Long-Lasting Eco-friendly Bags That Comes With Affordable Prices, and Starting Jute Bag Small Business is Another Lucrative Small Business to Start in Rural Area.

With a Very Low Investment, You Can Start a Small Jute Bag Making Business if All the Raw Materials are Available in Your Area or a Suitable Place.

It Needs Raw Material, Small Budget, Jute, and Man Power to Start This Small Business

Selling Bag Online Like Amazon, Flipkart, and Other Platforms as Well as Offline Market.

09. Candle Making

Candle MakingFrom Brahmapur to Cuttack, Odisha is Popular From Manufacturing Traditionally Ethanoic Wear to Candles.

Start a Small Candle Making Business is Yet Another Best Local Business That You Can Start From Your Home.

From Ritual Work to Weddings, There is a Great Demand for Candles in the International Market and With the Proper Legal Process You Can Start It.

10. Franchise business

Franchise Businesses in Odisha Getting Popular Day by Day and It is the Best Opportunity to Start a Franchise Business in Odisha in 2023.

There Are Hundreds of Companies Who Sell Their Franchise and You Can Choose Any of Them With Your Local Market Research. Some of the Best Franchises in India are Kalyan Jewellers, Domino’s franchise, and Others.

You Can Start Franchise Business in Food, Cloth, Beverage, Retail Fashion, Jewellery, Healthcare, and Many More as You Like. Franchise Business Makes Your Business Run Smoothly and Helps You to Make a Decent Profit Within Few Months.

11. Start a Blog

Online BusinessBlogging is One of the Best and Most Profitable Online Businesses in 2023, It Needs a Low Budget to Start Blogging as Business and You Can Make Money It.

You Can Write Articles, and Publish Them on Your Website, There Are Multiple Methods to Make Money From Them Like Affiliate Marketing, Ads Monetization, CPA Marketing, Course Selling, and Many More.

12. Digital Marketing

In Odisha, There is a Highly High Potential for Digital Marketing Business in 2023. In Simple Way, to Sell Products Through Online With The Help Of Promotion and Market Other Business With the help Of Online is Called Digital Marketing.

Less Than 100$, You Can Launch Your Digital Marketing Business Sell, Market, and Promote Online. It is Highly Popular in Other Countries in Odisha. It is Growing Rapidly, and People Like to Order Products Online, and if You Have Any Investments or Products Then You Can Sell them, Through Online and Make Money From Them.

13. Educational & Tuition Institutions

Education BusinessStarting a Tuition Class is Another Local Business, Many Parents Are Looking for Tuition Teachers for Their Children and They Are Reay to Pay Any Amount.

So if You Have Any Knowledge Then You Can Start Private Tuition Classes as a Part-Time Business and Make Some Extra Money From It.

You Can Charge Monthly or Class Basis and Earn Money as a Part-Time Business.

14. Solar Energy Business

To Reduce the Dependency on Non-Renewable Energy, the Indian Government Comes With Different Types of Subsidy to Enhance the Use of Renewable Energy Like Solar Energy.

Odisha is a Costal State facing to the Bay of Bengal Sea and Starting of Solar Power Installation in Puri, Balasore, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Rourkela is Great Business Idea.

The Solar Power Plant Comes With Multiple Advantages and You Can Start a Solar Plant Installation Business in Your Local Area, It Needs a Very Low Investment and Future Group Business Idea Which You Can Start in 2023, by Installing Solar Power Plant.

There Are Different Types of Solar Panels Available in the Market and You Can Provide the Best Solar Panel to the Customer, by Provide in the Best Quality and Attract Customers.

15. Manufacture of Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap or Organic Soap is Another Local Business Ideas That You Can Start From Home in 2023. With the Increasing in Health Care, the Adaption of Liquid Soap is Growing Rapidly.

There Are Many Place From Bhubaneswar to Cuttack, Many People Manufacture Liquid Soap and It Includes a Processing, Packaging, and Marketing for the Selling It on Both Online and Offline Markets.

16. Renting Business

Rental BusinessStarting of Renting Business is Another Profitable Small Business Idea in Odisha 2023. There Are Different Types of Renting Business Like Car Renting Business, Bike Renting, Home Renting, and Many More.

If You Have Some Investment Then You Can Start a Car or Bike Renting Business in Your Local Area. There and Many People Looking for Cars and Bikes, and You Can Provide Them by Charging Hourly or Day.

Renting is One of the Most Profitable Small Businesses You Can Start in Any Famous Place in Your Area and Make Money From It.

17. Computer Training

People in Odisha Want to Educate Their Children about Computers for the Future, So Starting a Small Business Related to Computer Training is Another Highly Profitable Local Business to Start.

The Growth of Computers is Growing Rapidly, as They Are Many People Choose Carrier in Software Engineers, Bloggers, Youtubers, Graphics Designers, and Many More, and All of This It Needs a Computer or PC.

The computer is an Electronic Product and You Can Star a Sales and Repairing Business in Your Local Area. If You Have No Prior Idea, Then You Can Take 6 Moths of Training and Start a Local Computer Service Business Related to It.

18. Online Teaching

The Education Provides Many Jobs Opportunities Scopes to Different People. In Odisha, There Are Many Educational Business Opportunities.

They Are Many Start-Ups in Odisha, Provide Education to Different People Through Online and Offline, So if You Have Knowledge in Particular Skills, How to Prepare for Government Exams Like NEET, UPSC, JEE, and Other Civil Service Exams, Then You Can Provide Education Both Offline and Online.

You Can Also Start It as a Part-Time Business Like Private Tutor, or by Opening a Coaching Center in Your Local Area and Make Money From It.

Top 10+ Best Online Business Ideas to start in Odisha 2023

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Product Selling
  4. Content Writing
  5. Become a blogger
  6. Online Teaching
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. Computer Training and Languages
  9. Social Media Manager
  10. Earn From Survey Sites

Low Cost Business Ideas in Odisha

  1. Open a Coaching Center
  2. Create Online Courses
  3. Local Street Food Shop
  4. Open a  Local Restaurant/Dhaba
  5. Start a Food Delivery Business
  6. Start a Grocery Shop

Top 5 Local Business Ideas to Start in Odisha 2023

  1. Local Street Food Shop
  2. Private Coaching
  3. Grocery Shop
  4. Mobile Repairing Shop
  5. Service-Based Business

Top 7 Manufacturing Business Ideas in Odisha

  1. Honey making
  2. Manufacturing Cloths & Handmade Products
  3. Sand Kitchen Utensil maker
  4. Manufacturing Jute Bags
  5. Furniture making
  6. Carpet Making
  7. Embroiderer

Top 10 Home Based Business Ideas | Work From Home Business in Odisha

Most of The Women in Odisha are Housewives and They get Much Free Time after The Home Work. So These are The Best Small Work From Home Business to Start in Odisha as a Regional Business.

  1. Agarbatti making
  2. Tailoring
  3. Yoga Class
  4. Chatua Making
  5. Coconut Rope Processing
  6. Livestock
  7. Foods Processing
  8. Soap Making
  9. Bag Making
  10. Pickle-Papad Making

Top 7 Business Opportunities to Start in Odisha 2023

The Government of Odisha Provides All Types of Support to Locations to Start Any Small Business to Manufacturing Business.

There Are Many Skilled and Hardworking People Which Are Ready for Any Industrial Work and Development.

It is a Investor-Friendly State Where You Can Develop and Infrastructure and Work.

For the Travel and Transport Odisha is Connected in Four Ways Like Roadways, Air, Railway, and on Sea to Import and Export, There Are Many Ports in Odisha Like Gopalpur, Paradip, and Dhamara Port.

  1. Multi Opportunity
  2. Less Invest
  3. Investor Friendly
  4. Industrial Hub
  5. Connect in 5 Ways
  6. Workforce
  7. Eco Friendly

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (F&Q)

Q1. Which Business is Most Profitable in Odisha?

Ans- Ethnic Handcraft & Handloom, Jute Bag Making, Candle Making, Solar Energy Business, and Affiliate Marketing Are the Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Odisha.

Q2. What Are the Top 5 Small Businesses to Start in Odisha?

Ans- Ethnic Handicraft & Handloom, Blogging, Jute Bag Making, Candle Making, and Cleaning Services Are the Best Small Businesses in Odisha.

Q3. What Are the Best Street Food Businesses With Low Costs? (Odisha)

Ans- Khaja, Chhenna Poda, Rasagola, Dahi Bara Aloo Dam, and Chicken Pokoda Are the Best Street Food Busines in Odisha.


So These Are All the Best Small Business and Work From Home Business Ideas That You Can Start in Odisha. Start Any Business and Take It Online to Sell Products and Services All Over the World.

Odisha is Full Business Opportunity as It is Under Developing State That is Growling Rapidly and the Price Will Increase Very Soon, So Starting Any Small Trade Will Be Helpful in Near Future.

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