Review of Is It the Best Tool to Enhance Audio in 2024?

Listening to dull or noisy audio can be taxing and no one stays for the content that has low-quality audio. Whether you are listening to a podcast or enjoying a music track, you want the sound to be clearer and crisp. 

That’s where audio enhancers come into play. These are your one-click solution of getting rid of lacklustre audio. Audio enhancers AI promises to elevate the sound quality to another level so that no one bothers skipping through your content again. 

One AI audio enhancer tool that is making rounds on the internet these days is 

This review is all about the insights of this tool. So, if you are looking for a tool to enhance the sound quality of your audio, your search ends here. 

Keep reading this article as we are about to dive into the complete ins and outs of this tool. 

What is is an online web tool designed to enhance audio files with a single click. No need to download the software or anything, just hop on to the website and start improvising your content right away. 

Its standout feature lies in its ability to handle bulk uploads of up to 4GB. This feature makes it ideal for both small projects and extensive audio files. 

The website comes with a clean interface and no intrusive ads. Hence, provides a seamless editing experience without any interruption. 

Moreover, it supports various file formats including .mp3, .wav, and .mp4, offering compatibility with your existing audio files.

Features of

A bunch of features can make this tool a top choice of most of the content creators. Here is a breakdown of all the features that it offers.

Powered by Artificial intelligence: gives the finest quality results as it uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance audio quality. 

This means that the tool automatically analyses and improves the audio based on various factors such as clarity, volume levels, and background noise reduction.

Bulk Upload Capability up to 4GB:

With this audio enhancer ai, you can upload multiple audio files simultaneously.  

The size limit is up to 4GB. This feature is particularly useful for users who work with large audio files or need to process several files at once to save time and effort.

Customization Based on the Type of Audio:

The voice enhancer offers improvement based on the type of the audio. 

Whether it’s a podcast, music track, or video dialogue, the tool adjusts its enhancement settings to optimise the audio accordingly, ensuring the best possible results.

There are also various levels of customization. 

For example, it allows you to select whether you want to denoise the audio or improve the overall quality. 

By selecting these options, you get a tailored enhancement that is specific to the type of audio you’re working with. 

No Ads for Uninterrupted: is ad-free and aims to provide an uninterrupted workflow for users. This means you can focus on editing and enhancing your audio files without any distractions. 

This leads to a smoother and more efficient experience.

Support for Multiple File Formats: supports a wide range of popular audio file formats, including .mp3, .wav, and .mp4. 

This versatility allows you to work with your preferred file format without any hassle.

Free Version Allows 500 MB: offers a free version with limitations on file size and duration. Users can upload files up to 500 MB in size and less than 5 minutes in duration for free. 

While this version has restrictions, it allows users to test out the tool’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Affordable Pricing:

For users who require more extensive features and capabilities, offers affordable pricing plans starting from just $10. 

These plans unlock additional benefits such as larger file upload limits, longer duration allowances, and access to premium features, making it a cost-effective solution for audio enhancement needs.

Pros and Cons of


  • Efficient bulk upload feature for large projects
  • User-friendly interface with no distracting ads
  • Affordable pricing compared to similar tools
  • Support for various file formats enhances flexibility


  • Limited advanced editing features compared to high-end audio editing software
  • Requires internet connection for online usage

How to Remove Noise Using

Using is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow these steps to enhance your audio files:

Visit the Website:

Start by opening your web browser and go to the website. You can do this by typing “” into the address bar.

Click on the “Upload” Button to Select Your Audio File(s):

On the homepage of, Click on the “Upload file’’ button to open a file selection dialog box. You can also drag and drop your audio file directly onto the webpage.

Choose the Desired Enhancement Options:

After uploading your audio file, you’ll be presented with various enhancement options to choose from. These options may include 

  • noise reduction
  • Equalization
  • volume adjustment

and more. Select the enhancement options that best suit your needs of your audio file.

Click on “Enhance Audio”:

When you’re ready to apply the enhancements to your audio file, click on the “Enhance Audio” button. This will initiate the enhancement process, where will apply the start improving your audio file.

Download the Enhanced Audio File to Your Device:

Once the enhancement process is complete, will provide you with a download link or button to download the enhanced audio file to your device. 

Click on the download link or button, and your enhanced audio file will be saved to your computer or mobile device.

Best Alternatives to

While offers impressive features, it’s essential to explore alternatives that may better suit your specific needs:

  1. Another web-based tool that specializes in advanced noise removal techniques. The best part is that it is free of cost.
  2. Kapwing: It is an online platform offering a range of audio and video editing features. One of them including noise reduction. The tool is partly free. 
  3. Online HitPaw: It is a user-friendly tool with various audio and video editing capabilities, including noise reduction.

Final Thoughts!

So, based on this review breakdown of, I can confidently say that it is a reliable and user-friendly tool for enhancing audio files in 2024. 

With its ability to handle bulk uploads, support for multiple file formats, and affordable pricing, it offers a quick and easy solution to users seeking to improve their audio quality. 

While it may lack advanced editing features found in high-end software, its simplicity and effectiveness can still prove to be a valuable asset for content creators.