Esports a New Beginning Of Online Gaming 2023 (Benefits & Drawbacks)

Digital Worlds Opens Many Career Options in 2023. Competition Between Various Players & Teams Through Video Game Is Known as Esports.

It Is Getting Popular Now Days & This Industry Experiencing a Huge Growth in Past Few Years Because Of High-Speed Internet Connections and Growth of Technology. 

It Is One of the Best Ways to Prove and Represent Yourself to the World. It Gives an Opportunity to Teens to Earn a Decent Amount of Money. It Also Provides Opportunities to Organisations for Investment.

Esports a New Beginning Of Online Gaming

Esports a New Edge Of Gaming Era in 2023

The Growing Internet and the popularity of online games make Esports More Popular. Most Countries also take Esports as their Primary Game. Some Popular Games Like PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty, Freefire, and Other Games Make Esports More Popular.

Nowadays Smartphones Becomes So Advanced, That they can Easily Handle Heavy and High-End games, This Makes Esports More Popular, and Most People cannot afford PC or Gaming Consoles, So Smartphones Give a New Edge to Play Online Games with Decent Internet Speed.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing Esports

Like a Coin, Everything Has 2 Sides So Esports Does. Let’s Discuss Some Advantages and Disadvantages Then We Will Decide Is Esports Is Good or Bad.  

Advantages of Esports

Modern World Gives Modern Opportunities. There are Many Career Options Starting with the Internet. Most People Love to Work From Online in 2023. Esports is one of them. There are many Benefits of Playing Esports. Some of them are

  • You Can Earn a Decent Amount by Playing Esports.
  • If You Are Grown Up & Your Job Doesn’t Help to Fulfill Your Needs Then It Can Be a Side Income Source 
  • Lots of Esports Organisation Sponsor You to Participate in Esports 
  • It Teaches Us About Teamwork
  • It Improves the Coordination of the Eye & Hand 
  • Enhances the Accuracy & Speed Up Your Mind
  • It Is a Stress Booster 
  • It Helps You to Socialize & Increase Self Confidence 
  • It Enhances Leadership Quality & Built You as a Leader 

Drawbacks of Esports

There are Many Disadvantages to Playing Sports in 2023. It Mostly Affects the Younge Generation, if You Involve a Lot With It Then It Can Waste Your Time. Some Major Disadvantages of Esports are 

  • It Affects Your Study
  • Spending a Lot of Time in Front of a Computer Can Damage Your Eye 
  • Sitting in a Single Place Can Make You Obese 
  • Taking Game Results Seriously Affects Your Mental Health 
  • It Can Cause Insomnia 

From the Above information, We Concluded That Esports in a Limited Way Is Helpful but Excess Can Damage Our Health. 


You can take Esports as a Career in this Digital World. There are already many Popular Esports Player Doing well in this Career. This is one of the best ways to make your Living by Sitting from your Home. Develop your Gaming Skills and Improve your Stability.

Many Foreign Countries take Esports as Their National Game and Open Opportunities like Normal Sports. it is Future Proof Career. After some Somedays Our County also Adopted Esports. You can Join Different Video Steam Platforms and Social Media Platforms, Stream Your Game, and Entertain the Users.