How to Write Business Articles and Sell to Make Money Online in 2023

There are many online jobs that make money online ideas on the internet and writing articles is one of the best jobs or freelancing work among them. In this post, I will share advanced ideas on how to write quality articles and how to sell them at a good price. 

 In article writing, you don’t have to take any tension to think about different ideas to make money from the article like a web developer and content publisher, or blogger. You have to write different articles and you can directly sell them at a good price.

Write and Sell Business Articles and Make Money Online

Make Money with Business Articles
There are many websites, online businesses, and bloggers looking for content writers and it is a growing industry, so if you write an article very well then you can create a better future for yourself. You have to write a professional and SEO-friendly article to sell it at a good price. 

If you have no idea how to write SEO friendly article then don’t worry, I will also share the best ideas to write the best and SEO-friendly article. So here in this post, I will share ideas with you that how can you write professional and SEO-friendly articles and business articles, also share with you all the best and possible ways to sell your articles at the best prices.

What is SEO Friendly Article and How to Write SEO Friendly Article

The meaning of SEO Friendly Article is an Article that Contains all these Conditions Like-
  • One heading, one subheading, and different minor headings, 
  • It should be a long article like 500 to 5000 words because search engines like Google and bing like long and useful articles. 
  • It must contain 2% to 3% of the main keywords.
  • It must be useful and meaningful for visitors. 
If any article fulfills all these conditions then the article is called SEO friendly article. Before you write an article you have to think about all these conditions. These conditions will help you to write the best articles on any topic. Now you have to write SEO friendly article

To write an SEO-friendly article you have to understand the topic and then you can read some good articles or any books on that topic but make sure you cannot copy any article because no one loves copied content, but you can take ideas from any books and then you can write a good article. 
You have to put the main keywords in your article, this will help the visitors for better understand. You have to find different ideas before you write an article.

Ideas to Write Different Business Articles

After you become an expert in writing you can write different articles and sell them at a good price, but I suggest you learn to write business articles because there are many businesses shifting from offline to online. 
To rank their business websites on google they need to post the quality business article on their websites, so they pay a very good amount to the writers and content creators and another reason to learn business articles is CPC of any business article topic is very high which will help you to sell your article with a higher price. In a business article, you have to write different affiliate-based and product-based articles.
Example– If you write for any affiliate-based business or product-based business like the product is a laptop then you have to write articles like best laptops under 300$, top 5 best gaming laptops, best laptops for office work
If your product is a face wash and beauty product then you have to write articles like best face wash under 10$, best face wash for men, top 5 best beauty creams to remove acne. So these are examples of writing business articles. Make sure to write engaging articles, this will help the visitor better understand and it also reduces the bounce rate of the website and increase the sales of that business.

Best Ideas to Sell Articles

After you write good articles you have to find the best platforms to sell your articles. you can write articles as a freelancer by taking orders and you can also write permanently for many companies like news companies. affiliate blog agencies and many more. 
if you want to work as a freelancer then you can join, here you have to create your seller profile. in the beginning, you have to ask a very small amount like 5$ per article and after you become a 1st level seller you can ask a good amount like 10$ to 100$ per article. 
Millions of people earn a good amount of money from by writing articles. you can also join different blogging groups and affiliate Marketing groups on Facebook and then ask them to write articles. you can also approach different small companies for article writer jobs.

Money Making Ideas with the Help of the Internet

There is a very bright future in article writing if you write professional and SEO-friendly articles. This will help you to make money online from your home. The demand for article writers is getting higher nowadays so you can also start your carrier as an article writer and content creator. 
I hope you like this post, if you are looking for more ideas to make money online from your home then you can visit another post on this website because I love to share the best ideas to make money online and different ideas of business development with the help of the internet.