Tools Websites Development [Best Ideas] How to Make Money from It

If I tell you that you have to create a website only once and then that website will give you Financial Freedom. Yes, friends, this is possible only on the internet. Welcome friends to the latest post of the money-making idea in 2021. Here I will share all the latest ideas to earn money and business development. 
In this post, I will discuss Static/Dynamic/Tool website development, no matter if you have any knowledge about coding or not. And also discuss different ways to make money from this. I hope you like this post. 

How to Create Tool Website in 2022 | Tools Websites Development and How to Increase the Traffic of Static Website

Please read the complete article for a better idea about static website development. If you are a lazy person and want to earn a good amount of money from the internet in 2021 then Static Website Development work is just for you.


Make Money with Static Website


Here in this post, I will discuss how to create a static website if you have any coding knowledge or not, and different ideas to make money from it.

Create Static/Dynamic Website If you have Coding Knowledge or Not

A boy in Bihar named Nitesh Arya is making more than 2000$ per month by developing static websites and the interesting thing about Nitesh Arya is from a very poor family and there is no source to learn coding for him.
If you want to learn to code then you can take offline courses otherwise you can learn from the internet, there are many coding websites on the internet. You have to learn some basics about coding to develop small static websites. 
If you have not any coding knowledge then also I can also discuss how you can create a static or tool website using the internet. You just need to know how to do the keyword research?

Create Static Website if you have Coding Knowledge

If you have coding knowledge then you are only one step away to create a static website, you have to do the keyword research to rank your static websites on google. 
I have already written a post on how to do keyword research, that post will help you to find out the low competition and high CPC keywords, this will help you for a better ranking on google.
In a static website, you can basically develop different tool websites like image cutter, image compressor, mp3 cutter, age calculator, and many more. 
There are many tools searches on google but there are no proper tools there, so you can do the keyword research and create that tool and rank your static website on google, in tool website you have to create only once and then you have to rank it on google by using SEO and now you are ready to earn from that website.

Create Static Website if you have No Coding Knowledge

If you have not any coding knowledge then you can also earn from static websites. If you have not any idea how to create a static website? Then you can do the keyword research and then you can create your static website from a coder/programmer with a little investment and then you can rank your website by using advanced SEO and make money from that static website. 

But if you cannot find any programmer to develop your site then you can also buy the source code from different websites on the internet. You can also find the source code from the best programmers on the internet. 
After you get your source code you just have to pass the codes on your hosting server and then you are ready to earn from that website. By using this idea you can also create different websites and then sell them on the internet.

Different Ideas to Earn Form Static Websites

If you are a developer then you can create different static websites or tool websites by doing keyword research and then you can sell the website at a good price on Fiverr, fllipa, or other different platforms, otherwise, you can create the websites and rank it on google and earn from that website by the using different ad platforms and different native ads platform. 
You can also do affiliate marketing on your website by using amazon affiliate or different affiliate programs related to your website. 
Example-If you create static websites like SEO tool sites then you sell different affiliates like hostings, SEO services, Grammarly, and also make a Good Amount of Money from it.
These are the best ideas to start a tool Website if you are a lazy person and if you have any coding knowledge or any initial investment. 
If you are looking for other Skills Development ideas online then you can read another post on this site, here I  try my best to share with you all the latest money-making ideas and business development and other online related ideas because I love to share ideas.