5 Steps to Start a Service-based Business in India 2023 (No Cost)

Product Selling Business Is Getting Competitive Regularly. Both Online and Offline There Are Many Producing Selling Websites and Ecom Stores. It Also Needs an Investment to Start an Ecommerce or Product Selling Business.

In This Post, We Will Discuss Service-based Business, It Is a New Method of eCommerce Business, Where You Have to Sell Service. It Is a Very Low Competitive, and High Demanding Business, and You Can Start It From Your Home. 

There Are Multiple Benefits of Starting a Service-based Business, and It Is Very Easy to Start.

No Doubt, Product Selling Is the Biggest Business, and It Is Also Very Profitable, but There Are Many Reasons and Benefits of Stating a Service-based Business.

Service-based Business ideas

(Top 5 Benefits) Service Based Business Is Better Then Product Selling Business for Beginners

In Today’s World, You Will Obviously Find That the Product Selling Business Is One the Most Profitable Business, but Along With Time, It Is Getting Competitive. It Needs a Good Investment to Start. No Matter Your Business Is Online or Offline, but You Have to Fulfill Certain Conditions, to Start a Profitable Product Selling Business.

Some Major Conditions to Fulfill Are:-

  • Find Product or Develop a Product 
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Store House
  • Transport and Shipping
  • Selling

Creating a New Product or Is Not Easy for Everyone, and It Takes Many Resources and Investment. Everyone Can Not Create Products or Sell Them. 

It Also Requires Local Store House and Transportation costs. If You Sell Your Product Online, It Needs Transport and Shipping, if the Buyer Found Any Physical Damage to the Product, Then There Will Be a High Chance of Return.

These Are the Problems You Can Face While Doing Any Product Selling Business.

Benefits of Starting a Service-based Business in 2023

There Are Multiple Benefits of Starting a Service-based Business. You Have to Target a Specific or Local Area for Product Selling, and It Requires a Store House to Store Products, but in Sevice Based, Business You Can Do It World Wide and No Huge Investment is Require. These are also the Reason to Start it. Some Benefits Are:-

  • No Product Require
  • No Need Store House
  • Easy to Start 
  • High Demand
  • No Huge Lose
  • Work From Home
  • Low Competition

Why It Is Future Demanding Business?

There Are Multiple Reasons to Start a Profitable Service-based Business. If You Do Have Not Any Skills Then You Can Also Start It Easily. Due to the High Product Selling, It Also Increases the Requirement of the Serviceman.

When the Product Is Getting Older Than, It Needs Service When it Is Out of Order. It Increases the Requirement of the Serviceman. There Are Different Types of Products in the World, You Can Choose Any of Them to Work. 

It Is One of the Low Competitive Businesses in the Market, and It Is Very Easy to Start. Here You Get Paid for the Work, So There Is No Huge Loss.

In a Service-based Business, You Will Get Paid for Your Work Like Freelancing. There Are Different Types of Services Based Business You Can Start in 2023. 

Many Profitable Service-based Businesses Like Business Services, Product Services, on-demand Services, Public Services, and Many More. Focus on Business and On-demand Services, These Are the Most Profitable and Work From Home Services.

Develop on-demand Skills Like Photo Designing, Graphics, Coding, Seo Services, Video Editing, Web Development, Writing, Marketing, and Many More. 

There Are the Most Demanding and Future Proof Services. Here You Will Directly Get Clients and Provide Them Different Services.

Start a Successful Service-based Business in 2023 (How to Start)

Starting a Service-based Business Is More Easier, Than a Product Selling Business. Here You Need to Develop Skills, on a Particular Product. 

If You Have No Skills, Then You Can Easily Learn Them. There Are Multiple Methods to Learn Different Skills With the Help of the Internet.

Join Different Online Courses, or Watch Videos on Youtube, to Develop Your Skills. Invest Time on Yourself, This Will Make You Skillful for the Work. Learn Skills From Youtube, Skillshare, Khanacademy, Udemy, and Many More Online Learning Platforms.

1. Start a Service-based

It Does Not Require High Investment to Start a Profitable Service Based Business. If You Have No Skills Then You Can Invest in Your Skills. There Is No Such Higher Amount Required to Start This Business. If You Have Any Skills, Then You Can Directly Pitch the Client.

It Requires Good Skills to Finding Direct Customers and Clients, but There Any Many Online Platforms, Where You Get Customers for the Work.

2. Target an Existing Market To Find Customers

In Service-based Business, It Doesn’t Require Market to Sell Service, or It Doesn’t Need to Find New Market and Customers for Your Service. 

You Can Easily Target a Product-Based Market and Provide Service to Them. Here You Can Target the Existing Customer of Any Product and Provide Them Services, Related to the Existing Product.

This Will Reduce Your Efforts and Hard works for Finding Customers.

3. Niche-Based Service

Improve Your Skills in a particular Product. Niche Based Service Is One the Most Trusted Business. If You Win the Trust of the Customers Then They Will Give You More Services, So Niche Based Service Is So Important. This Will Also Help to Show Your Ability and Skills to the Customer.

Create a Portfolio Website, if You Use on-demand Services Like Writing, Graphics, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Web Developing, and Many More. You Can Show It to the Client at the Time of Taking Any Work. It Will Show Your Experience and Skills to the Client.

4. Marketing

Marketing Is Always Needed When It Comes to Business. It Not Possible to Grow a Business Without Marketing. It Is Easier to Market Service-Based Business as Compared to Product Selling, Because It Is a Low Competitive Business.

You Can Use Both Free and Paid Methods to Market Your Service. You Can Also Easily Get the First Client Without Marketing. Target the Existing Group to Find the Customers.


If You Provide Writing Service, Then You Can Join Different Website and Seo Groups in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Many Other Social Media Groups. 

Focus on New Members and Give Them Service With Discounts or Offers. You Can Easily Get the First Client With This Method.

If You Want More Business and Service Selling, Then Promote Your Business With the Help of Digital Marketing. You Can Do It Yourself or Use Different Advertising Companies to Market Your Service.

Find Customers & More Business Ideas For Your Service

Getting the First Customer Is Difficult. It Takes So Much Effort to Find Customers. If You Want a Consistent Business and Customers, Then Join Different Online Markets. 

There Is a Huge Demand in Service-Based Business, So There Are Many Online Platforms. 

You Can Join Different Freelancing Platforms Like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, Creative Group, and Many More. These are the Most Popular and Trusted Freelancing Platform for Beginners.


The Demand of Service Based Business Is Getting High Day by Day. Most Want to Start Online Business So There Is a Huge Demand in Digital Services. You Can Easily Start Providing Online Services and Work From Home. 

Explore Different and Niches and Focus on Customer Satisfaction, This Will Lead You to a Long Term Success, in This Business.