100+ High Profit Business Ideas in Kolkata (2023)

So You Want to Start a Business in Kolkata in 2023, and Looking for All the Unique and Best Business Ideas Which Can Help You to Easily Grow and Scale.

Don’t Worry Here in This Post You Will Find Everything That You Are Looking for.

Kolkata is One of the Metro Cities in India and It is Connected With the World in Different Communication. So Finding the Raw Material is a Very Easy Thing to Start and Business or Start-up.

So if You Decide to Start a Business in Kolkata Then You Have a Good Test in a Business.

Business Ideas in Kolkata

Here in This Post, We Find Out All the Latest and Best Business Ideas, Local Business Ideas, Low Investment Business Ideas, and Many More That You Can Start in 2023.

Every Day There Are Hundreds of People Come to Kolkata Kolkata is a Mixture of Different Type of Peoples and Culture but Bengali Culture is One of the Most Popular in Traditional Cultures.

It is One of the Largest Cities in India, and Starting a Business Opportunity is Really Appreciable.

Of Course, There Are Hundreds of Business Ideas in Kolkata but You Have to Choose the Right One That Will Fit for You and for Your Budget.

Here Are a Few Steps Which You Can Consider Before Starting Any Type of Small Business

  1. Location
  2. Market Demand
  3. Capitalization
  4. Your Interest

When Choosing Any Business You Have to Consider All the Four Steps That Can Eventually Help You to Grow and Take Your Business to the Next Level in a Few Years.

When It Comes to Location Kolkata is a Great Place to Start Any Type of Business.

But You Have to Choose the Market Demand Because There Are Different Types of Market Demand is for Your Product or Service.

Which is the Business Interest You Have to Find Out the Maximum Capital That Will Help You to Start Your Business and Helps You to Run.

You Can Also Go for Small Business Loans in the Starting Time.

Last but the Most Important is Your Interest in the Business, It is the Thing That Will Help You to Run Your Business in All Types of Conditions.

List of Best Business Ideas to Start in Kolkata | Small Business in Kolkata

So Before You Start Any Business, Find Your Interest or Passion in It and start Any Business That You Are Courage About.

Here in This Post, We Have Shortlisted All the Easiest and Most Profitable Business Idea and That You Can Start in 2023.

You Can Choose Any of Them as Your Passion or Fit in Your Category.

Open a Bengali Sweets Store

Starting a Bengali Sweet Store is One of the Most Profitable and Traditional Business Ideas Which You Can Start as a Local Business in Kolkata.

People in Kolkata and West Bengal Love to Eat Different Types of Sweets, So Starting a Traditionally Sweet Shops With Multiple Delicious Bengali Sweets Like Rasgolaa, Lyangcha, Kheer, Sitabhog is the Best Options

Fish Export Business

Starting a Fish Export Business is One of the Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Kolkata West Bengal.

It is Near the Sea of the Bay of Bengal and Here Various Fishes Like Rohu, Hilsa, Koi, and Crabs Were Caught Every Day.

You Can Easily Start a Fish Export Business and Sale Outside or Different Parts of Our Country

Mobile Repair & Selling

Mobile Repairing at Second Hand Mobile Selling is Another Most Profitable Small Business Which You Can Start in Kolkata.

It Requires a Very Low Investment to Start This Business. Repairing is a Service Business Where You Can Repair Old Smartphones, Sell Smartphone Cases and Make Money From It,

Textile Business

The Textile Business Opportunity in Kolkata is Very High, You Can Start Any Small Textile Business in Kolkata.

Here We Will Find All Types of Raw Materials That Will Help You to Start a Textile or Silk Business, Then You Can Sell It in the Local Market or Export to All Over the Country.

Import/export Business

Kolkata is One of the Biggest Markets for Import and Export, Daily Hundreds of Products Export From Kolkata to Different Parts of Our Country as Well as Outside the Country.

The Product Prices Are Very Low in Kolkata So You Can Purchase Products From Here and Sell It in Different Parts of Our Country.

Here You Can Export Textiles, Electronic Goods, Small and Medium Size Products, Sweets, Fish, and Different Raw Materials Throughout the Country.

Leather Processing Business

Kolkata is Well Known for Its Leather Processing Business, Here You Will Find All Raw Materials and Skilled Labor That Are Required for the Leather Processing Business.

It is the Home for All Types of Leather Products and Different Types of Premium Quality Leather Products Exported Daily.

Here You Will Find All the Best Quality Raw Materials Start a Small Leather Processing Business and Become a Small Part of the Leather Industry

Coaching Center

The Demand of Coaching centers is High Because All Types of People Want to Educate Their Children

The Population of Kolkata is Very High and Different People Live Here.

Most of Them Are Middle Class and Upper Middle Class Family for Starting New Coaching Business in Kolkata is Highly Profitable

Manufacturing Business

It is the Hub for Several Import and Export Business for Starting a Manufacturing and Processing Business is Highly Profitable.

Here You Will Find All the Raw Materials to Start Anytime Small or Midcap Businesses.

Start Any Low Investment Processing and Manufacturing Business Like Food Processing, Garment, Spice Manufacturing, Oil Production, and Many More

Small Scale Cloth Shop

Starting a Retail Clothes Shop is a Profitable Small Business Which You Can Start in Low Investment.

Start Selling Handmade Clothes, Sharee, Dress, and Silk Dress That Will Attract the Out-siders and Sell Them at a Handsome Price.

Digital Marketing/ Agency Business

As the Growth of Modern India, the Demand of Digital Marketing is Growing Very High, Especially in West Bengal Kolkata.

It is One of the Most Profitable and Low Investment Business Idea Which You Can Start in Kolkata 2023

It Requires a Very Low Investment to Start a Digital Marketing Business or for Do Local Seo for the Local Businesses.

If You Don’t Have Any Idea on How to Start Then You Can Learn by Joining a 6 Month Course.

Start a Rental Business

Kolkata City is Full of People and Most People Come From Different Countries to Explore Their Business and Traditional Culture.

So Start a Renting Business With a Minimum Capital and Rent Different Products Like Bike, Cars and Cycles.

Security Services

With the Demand of Different Businesses Demand of Security Services Are Getting Very strong You Can Start Any Type of Security Business Like You Both Online and Offline and Provide Security Services to Different People Looking for It.

It Needs Capital and Human Resources to Start This Business and Run Successfully

Computer Repairing Service

Yet Another More Profitable Business is Computer Repairing Services. It is a Service-based Business in Which You Can Start Very Low Investment.

Kolkata is Full of Offices and Multiple People Are Doing Freelancing, Youtube, Web Designing Services, and You Can Provide Them Computer Repairing, Assembly, and Installing Services

Local Travel Agent

Starting a Local Travel Agent Business is Another Service Based Business Start With Low Investment.

Various People Come to Kolkata for Different Places and Heritage You Can Help Him to Visit the Large Kolkata City and Good Amount From This Business

Run an Online Shop

The Growth of Digitization Everyone Wants to Take Their Business From a Local to a Global Level and for This, It Needs Online Presence.

Online Shop is a Very Highly Profitable Small Business Which You Can Start From Your Home and Sell Products Online. It Needs a Less Than $100 (7000 Inr)to Launch Your Online Store

Open a Bengali Restaurant

Starting a Restaurant is Another Most Profitable Business to Start in Kolkata and Serve People Various Local Dishes.

It is a Crowded Place and Starting a Restaurant Business is Highly Profitable.

You Can Start a Small Restaurant or Take a Business Loan to Run a Restaurant and Serve You Delicious Food.

Fast Food Stall

In 2023 Every Teenager in India Love to Eat Fast Food and Starting a Fast Business Requires Very Low Investment.

You Can Start a Fast Food Business and Sell Multiple Fast Foods Like Chowmin, Chicken Pokoda, Bengali Egg Roll, and Others.

It Looks Small in Size and Investment is Very Low, but the Earning Opportunities is Very High as a Street Food Business.

Tea & Breakfast Corner

People in Kolkata Love to Drink Tea as Beverage, Starting a Business is Yet Another Profitable Business.

It is a Low Investment Business Idea That You Can Start as a Local Business or Street Food Business and Sell Teas Video.

Also, Try to Start as a Startup and Take the Tea Business to the Next Level.

Start a Tea Brand

Kolkata is One of the Largest Tea Business Hub in India, There is a High Amount of Tea Export Regularly From Kolkata Outside the Country,

Starting a Tea and Coffee Business is Yet Another Profitable Business Which Will Start in 2023.

Minimum Investment You Can Start a Tea Brand Business, and Sell It in a Local Level or Take It to Global Business.

Become a Classical Music Trainer (Bengali Music)

Kolkata is a Traditional and Highly Cultural State in Our Country Our National Songs is Come From Kolkata West Bengal.

There is a High Demand of Bengali Musical Teachers and You Can Start It if You Some Basic Knowledge About West Bengal Tradition.

Courier Service

In 2023, Kolkata is Full of Delivery Businesses Like Food Delivery, Products and Goods Delivery, Grocery Delivery, and Many More.

For All These Businesses It Require Courier Services, if You Have Some Investment Ideas and Human Resources Then You Can Start a Courier Service in Kolkata and Partner With Leading Businesses to Grow the Courier Service.

Start a Home-based Bakery

Starting a Home-based Bakery Business is a Great Small Business to Start in Kolkata. It Requires a Very Low Investment and You Can Start It From Your Home.

Sell Tasty Bakery Foods and Make Money From It

Start an Event Planning Business

Starting an Event Planning Business is Yet a Great Business Idea to Start in Kolkata.

Many People Come to Kolkata for Different Types of Parties, Weeding, Kitties, Meetings, and Several Events and You Can Find Them With the Help of Digital Marketing and Pitch Your Services.

It Requires a Little Investment and Men Power to Start and Run This Business Successfully.

Best Small Business With Low Cost in Kolkata

  1. Tea Exports
  2. Food Processing Business
  3. Fish Selling Business
  4. Mobile Repair Shop
  5. Bengali Sweet Shop Selling
  6. Open an Online Shop
  7. Open a Fast Food Restaurant
  8. Snack Bar
  9. Home Based Bakery
  10. Tailoring
  11. Computer Repairing Service

Top 10 Local Business in Kolkata, West Bengal

  • Open a Fast Food Restaurant
  • Open a Flower Shop
  • Open a Clothing Store
  • Start a Tea Shop in Kolkata
  • Open a Nursery
  • Automobile Repairing Shop
  • Silk Saree Export
  • Open a Photography Studio in Kolkata
  • Computer Repairing Shop
  • Open a Beauty Salon
  • Start a Courier Agency in Kolkata
  • Open a Momo Shop
  • Sports Coaching
  • Local Digital Marketing

Top 10 Street Food Business in India 2023

  1. Sweet Selling Business
  2. Pokoda Selling Business
  3. Local Food Selling
  4. Open a Momo Shop
  5. Computer Repairing Shop
  6. Open a Beauty Salon
  7. Open a Nursery
  8. Automobile Repairing Shop
  9. Open a Flower Shop
  10. Open a Clothing Store

Top 10 Online Business Ideas in Kolkata

  1. Start an Online Store
  2. Bengali Sweets Online
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Ad Agency
  5. Web Designing
  6. Social Media Consulting
  7. Start a Blog
  8. Create Online Courses
  9. It Services Business
  10. Data Analytics Services Business

Top 10 Best Startup Business Ideas to Start in Kolkata

  1. Tea Shop
  2. Franchise Business
  3. Bootstrap Business
  4. Tea Brand
  5. Restaurant
  6. Food
  7. Arts & Crafts
  8. Salon Parlor
  9. Import/export
  10. Digital Marketing

The Demand and the Growth of Population in Kolkata City, Opens Many New Opportunities for the Young Entrepreneurs. Start Any Startup Business in Kolkata to Understand the Market First.

By Understanding the Market You Can Find Out the Gap Between Businesses and Customers and Then You Can Try to Fulfill Them by Adding Your Business Into It, So if You Want to Start Any Startup Business, Then First Learn the Market and Find the Hidden Opportunity Inside It.

How to Start a Business in 5 Steps in Kolkata

To Start Any Business You Need to Follow Some Basic Steps and Measure Your Business and Find Whether It Will Fit for Your Business or Not. By Following All the Below Steps You Can Easy Start a Business by Following Certain Conditions and Run the Business Smoothly.

  1. Find the Market
  2. Choose the Right Location
  3. Income Source and Profitability
  4. Market Demand and Competition
  5. Make Your Business Certified & Legal

And Here You Go!

Conclusion (My Final Word)

Kolkata is One of the Biggest Business Hubs in Our Country for Starting Any Type of Business That is Highly Profitable Because of the Widely Import and Export Culture.

First You Have to Choose the Right Audience for the Business That You Love and Want to Start.

In the Post, We Have Shortlisted All the Best Small Business and Profitable Business Ideas Which You Can Start but There Are Hundreds of Businesses Which You Can Explore That Are Also Highly Profitable.

If You Do Not Have Any Skills to Start Any Business Then You Can Learn the Skills Within 6 Months and Start Your Business.

We Hope That You Will Love This Post and if You Are Looking for More Small Business Ideas, Low-investment Business Ideas, and Start-up Ideas Then You Can Also Read Other Posts on This Site.