25 Best Agriculture Business Opportunities in India 2023 (Most Popular)

In India, if You Are Looking for Starting Agriculture Business Ideas, Which Can Be Started With Minimum Investment and Provide the Best Profitable Agriculture Business Idea,

Then Here You Can Find All the Agricultural Sector Businesses and Farming Business Ideas That Require Less Investment and with Government Support You Can Make Them Profitable.

In the Rural and Suburban Areas You Can Start Different Types of Commercial Agriculture Business, Livestock Farming, Fruits, and Vegetable Farming That Will Give You a Good Kick Start, to Are Called Different Agricultural Business as an Entrepreneur.

There is a Huge Amount of Crops, Wool, Pulses, and Other Agriculture Products Export Every Year From India to All Over the World, So Starting of Different Commercial Business and Agro-based Businesses is a Great Idea.Agriculture Business Ideas

List of 25 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas in India

In India There Are Few Categories of Agriculture Are:-

  • Horticulture
  • Fishery Science
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agronomy
  • Forestry

Small to Large Scale Farming, You Can Find All of Them and Start Them With the Modern Technology.

Taking Agriculture Loan From Banks and Calming Different Subsidies Will Help to Run the Cultivation Smoothly.

Farming With Modern technology

There is a Great Demand for Organic Fruits and Vegetables and Other Crops Starting an Organic Farming Business is Another Profitable Small Business Idea by Taking All the Raw Materials and Organic Fertilizers Availability.

Opening an Organic Shop and Selling Different Vegetables and Crops is a Good Business Idea.

Agriculture Consulting & Training

Agriculture Consulting and Training is Another Demanding Business Which You Can Start if You Have Particular Skills and Experience. There Are Different Types of Farming and People Are Looking for Agriculture Training to Start Different Types of Agriculture and Learn the New Agri-tech to Maximize the Harvesting.

Dairy Business

Dairy Farming is One of the Profitable Business Idea With Low Capital Invest and Need Some Space to Start. So Farming of Different Animals Like Cows, Buffalo, and Goats for Milk, Where You Process Different Milk Related Food Items Like Milk Ice Creams, Butter, and Cheese is a Good Idea.

If You Have a Low Investment, and Some Space in a Rural or Semi-rural Area Then You Can Start It.Best Agriculture Business Ideas Infographics

Best Agriculture Business Ideas in 2023

Mushroom Farming

Mushroom Farming is Another Demanding Growing Farming Business That Require Minimum Capital Investment, Training, and Taking the Adequate Care of the Mushroom Will Help You to Grow More Quality Mushrooms and You Can Sell Them in the Market.

With Proper Training, You Can Start a Mushroom Farming Business With a Very Less Space.

Banana Farming

Starting of a Banana Farming Business is Another Profitable Fruit Business Idea That Requires, Minimum Space, Low Investment, and Proper Care of the Trees to Get the High-Quality Banana Harvesting.

So It is One of Thee Best Fruit Farming Where It Requires Less Effort to Make It Successful.


Beekeeping is Another Rural Business Idea That You Can Start With Low Investment in 2023.

To Start a Bee Farming Business It Needs Proper Training in Bee Keeping, Taking Care and Protecting Bee From Disease, and Tools for Honey Bee Project

Produce the Best Quality of Honey and Sale It to the Local Market, It is a Best Lucrative Business That You Can Start With a Low Budget and With Proper Training.

Poultry Farming

With a Low Investment You Can Star a Livestock Farming & Poultry Farming Business is One of Profitable and Traditional Business That You Can Start With a Low Investment.

There Are Different Types of Live Stock Farming That You Can Start Like Duck, Poultry, Eggs, Duck, and Goat Farming.

Do a Proper Market Research, Understand the Demand, and Start a Livestock Business Related to It.

Best Farming Business Plan in 2023

Sunflower Farming Business

Starting a Sunflower Business is One of the Most Profitable Refinery Oil Related Businesses That Require a Land, Minimum Investment, and Proper Care of the Crops to Harvest the Best Quality Oil Seeds From the Sunflower.

It is one of the Commercial Businesses Which You Can Start in Your Land With the Proper Training.

Organic Greenhouse

In Rural Areas Starting an Organic Greenhouse Farming Business is Another Most Profitable Agriculture Business Idea.

In Greenhouse Farming You Have All the Control Over Your Crops Where You Can Protect It, From Different Weather Conditions, Climate, and Irrigation by Controlling Them and Produce Good Quality Fruits and Vegetables.

Agriculture Related Business Ideas

Fruit and Vegetable

If You Have the Idea of Organic Farming Then You Can Start Organic Farming in Rural Areas by Taking All the Advantages Availability in the Government Support.

You Can Harvest Different Types of Crops, Fruits, and Vegetables Organically and Sale Them in the Market.

Groundnut Processing

With a Moderate Capital Investment Starting of a Groundnut Processing in the Rural or Small Town, Has a Great Crops-processing Business. From Snacks to Dry Fruits, There is a Great Demand of Groundnuts and You Can Directly Purchase Groundnuts From Farmers and Process It With a Machine.

From the Commercial Point of View, It is a Profitable and Low Investment Farming Business.

Dry Flower Business

With the Rising of the Cooking Industry and Commercial Cooking, Increase Demand of Different Type of Spices, in the Recent Few Years the Growth of the Different Spices Industry is Growing Rapidly, So With a Mid-Scale Capital, You Can Start a Small Spice Processing & Packing Business with Few People.

Spices Processing

With the Rising of the Cooking Industry and Commercial Cooking, Increase Demand of Different Type of Spices, in the Recent Few Years the Growth of the Different Spices Industry is Growing Rapidly, So With a Mid-Scale Capital, You Can Start a Small Spice Processing & Packing Business with Few People.

Soybean Cultivation

From the Commercial Point of View, That is a Great Potential for Starting a Soybean Farming Business.

Soybean is Used to Process Milk, Soy Flour, and Soya Sauce, Which Are One of the Healthy and Tasty Food Products.

Betel Leaves Farming

To Start a Betel Leave Farming It Needs Minimum Investment, Planning, and Human Power to Start This Business. There is a Multi-Use of Betel Leaves and With Perfect Research, You Can Make This Profitable as Well.

Top 10+ Best Agriculture & Farming Business Ideas

  1. Agro blogging business
  2. Fruit and Vegetable Export
  3. Tree Farm
  4. Invest in Agricultural Land
  5. Broom Production
  6. Medicinal Herbs Farming
  7. Agriculture consultancy business
  8. Hydroponic retail store
  9. Organic Greenhouse
  10. Grapes Farming Business

Top 10 Best Crops to Start Agriculture Business

  1. Grapes Farming Business
  2. Pomegranate Farming Business
  3. Agriculture Seeds Selling
  4. Mushroom Farming
  5. Potato Farming
  6. Betel Leaves Farming
  7. Chilli Farming Business
  8. Onions Farming
  9. Nuts Farming
  10. Tomato Farming
  11. Turmeric Farming

Frequently Asked Questions on Agriculture Business Opportunities (F &Q )

Which Business is Best for Farming?

Dairy Farming is One of the Most Profitable and Best Farming Business Ideas.

What Are Examples of Agribusiness?

All the Businesses Related To Agriculture and Some of Them Are Sugar Industry, Food Processing, Vegetable, and Fruits Farming Are the Part of Agri Busines.

How Do I Start a Small Agricultural Business?

By Taking a Small Finance Loan or Investing Your Own Money You Can Start an Agriculture Business With a Land and the Right Crop Selection.

Final Word

There Are Many Commercial Agriculture Business Ideas and Framing Plans, That Can Start With the Advance Technology and Holds a Great Potential for Income.

So Find the Best Agriculture Business Idea, Make a Perfect Plan, Use the Modern Technology to Grow More Crops With the Free Land, and Make This Food Business Successful.

There Are Also Many Small Business Ideas, and Lucrative Business Ideas We Have Listed on This Website, That You Can Check and Use the Business Tools for the Better Understanding of Your Product and Services.