Top 5+ Keyword Selling Business Ideas & Learn How to Keyword Research in 2023

Do you know millions of people searching for the best keywords to start their blogs, affiliate sites, and online business, so if you learn how to do keyword research them you can sell them the keywords and easily make money online
Here in this post, I will discuss how you can easily learn keyword research and sell them and make money from it.

Keyword Selling Business | How to Do Keyword Research in 2023

Keyword_Selling_Idea- make_Money-online
Keyword Selling Idea- make Money online


What is Keyword and How to Sell it?

Most people think that making money online is so difficult and a scam but the reality is not like that, you can easily make money online with some knowledge and some time investment, it is like a part job but you can make a good amount of money from it.
Here in this post, I will share all the latest and modern ways to make money online in 2020. So today in this post I will share the idea that how you can make money online by doing keyword research. 
There are too many ways to make money by doing keyword research and I will discuss all of them out there to help you to earn more.
So if you don’t know what is keywords and how to do keyword research then don’t worry about it I will also cover it in this post. So, first of all, discuss keywords. So keywords are those words that are used by bloggers, affiliate marketers, and other online businesses
These are some specific words that are used to rank your post on any search engine like google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines. But most of the cases people like to rank their website on google because it is the largest search engine in the world and millions of people came to search their queries on it on a daily basis.

The Process to Do Advanced Keyword Research

Find the best keyword for your blog, affiliate site, or online business is called advanced keyword research. First of all, ii will discuss how to do keyword research? If you want to do keyword research then you have to learn the basic rule of it, those are-
  • Find all the keyword related to your niche/topic
  • You have to put all those keywords in a keyword research tool
  • Find all the high volume keywords related to your niche
  • Filter all the high volume in low competition
  • Take all the high volume and low competition keywords from the high volume keywords. 
  • Now you have all the best keywords related to your niche and all the search volume of the keywords are high and low competition which means it is now so easy to rank your post on google and you can get a high amount of traffic on your site because the search volume of all the keywords is high.
This is the simple and best way to do the keyword research now we will discuss the best tools from where you can find the best keyword and accurate search volume of a keyword. 

Best Keyword Research tool in 2023

Here we will discuss the two best keyword research tools from where you can find all the best keywords for your business, blogs, and affiliate sites. Both of them have some pros and cons all I will discuss all of them. The two best keyword research tools are Ahrefs and Semrush, these are the best keyword research out there.
AhrefsIt one of the most popular and accurate keyword research tools for bloggers, it is used to find all the best keywords for blogs and it mostly used to check out websites but is also good for keyword research. Its keyword research tool is very accurate and mostly used by bloggers. It is a paid keyword research tool.
SemrushIt Is also one of the most used keyword research tools for bloggers, affiliate marketers, online business developers. Its keyword research tool is so accurate and mostly used for local SEO. 
Most of the businesses used Semrush rather than Ahrefs because it is best for blogging but not so good for affiliate or online business. I also recommend you use this tool because it more accurate than Ahrefs while in local keyword research.

Best Ways to Sell your Keywords and My Opinion

In this post, I discussed all the possible ways to do keyword research and now I discuss how to sell your keywords. In keyword research, you have to find all the best keywords for new bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online businesses.

you have to reach out to all of them who are looking for niche or low competition keywords to start their blog. you can show them some of the keywords related to a niche and sell them. 

Sell the keywords to affiliate marketers who looking for some best keywords to rank their affiliate website on google and also sell to new startup companies related to their niches. To find the customer you can join many business groups on Facebook, you can also join affiliate marketing groups and then sell them your keywords.


This is one of my ideas to make money online in 2023 and if you are interested to learn more to make money online then you can visit another post on this site.