Future of Coding and Opportunities to Grow Yourself if You have Basic Coding Knowledge

If you have basic coding knowledge or if you want to learn basic coding knowledge and want to make money from your home then please read the complete. In this post, I will share with you different ideas to make money from the internet if you have basic coding knowledge on jquery, PHP, javascript, HTML, CSS, and Python, etc. 
If you want to make money from coding then you have to to learn basic coding knowledge and if you are interested in coding then please read the complete post because in this post I will discuss how you can learn basic coding from offline or online and also share different ideas to make money by doing simple works.
Future of Coding

How to Learn Coding For Free in 2022 | Learn Programming

Before you start making money from coding, first of all, you have to learn coding languages. You can learn coding in two different ways one is online another is offline. But they have their own advantages and also disadvantages. You can find any local programming college or coaching center near your home and learn coding with some investment, but if you want to learn coding online for free then you can visit the Best Coding Websites- Codeacademy.Com, w3school.Com,khanacademy.Org, and many more. You do not need to learn all coding languages, you can learn simple coding languages like Python, HTML, CSS, jquery, PHP. These are enough to start your coding carrier.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Learn Coding from Online and Offline

You can learn coding offline by paying some money but you can learn coding form online for free, this is one of the best advantages to learn to code online. There are some disadvantages to learn to code online-

  • Lack of punctuality in learn
  • No one there to solve your doubt
  • No one is there to teach you
  • You have to read and understand by yourself
  • Lack of English knowledge

If you have no problem with English reading and understanding then you can learn coding online.

Different Ideas to Make Money From Coding

If you have to learn the basic coding language then you are ready to earn money from your coding skill. Here I will discuss all the best methods to make money from coding. You can choose the best one for you and then you can start your work

Develop Simple themes and Plugins

You can develop simple themes and plugins for websites by using Jquery and PHP. You can create WordPress themes and plugins and sell them at a very good price. You can directly sell them to the customers or you can sell them by creating your website.

Get a IT Job

If you want to start your carrier as a professional then you can easily find a job there are many jobs online or offline available for Programmers. There you can get a job and work there as a 9-5 job. This is best who want to start their coding carrier as a professional. You can get a good salary from any software company.

Solve Simple WordPress site Issues

There are many bloggers, who can not fix issues in WordPress, cannot optimize the speed, cannot install the WordPress, or set up the website. You can help them with the simple coding languages because WordPress is based on PHP and jquery. You can find the buyers at fiverr.Com and solve their issues.

Develop Tool/Static Websites (use it or Sell it)

You can easily create tools website and like image compressor, pdf converter, age calculator, and other static websites. You can use them and make money by placing ads by using different Ad networks. You can also sell those websites at a very good amount of price. I have already written a detailed post on how to make money from a static website, you can learn the complete details from there.

Work as Freelancing

There are many opportunities to earn as a freelancer. You can join different freelancing websites like Upwork, fiver, and freelancer.Com and work as a freelancer. You can develop WordPress websites, sell plugins, create tool websites for clients, and many more. You can earn a good amount of money by working as a Freelancer.

How to Promote your Work

If you work for yourself then you do not need to promote your work but if you want to work for others then you have to promote your work. You can promote your work by using your website, you can join different freelancing platforms to promote your work, find different Facebook groups to promote your work and you can directly contact the client for your work. These are the best ideas to promote your work.

Future of a Coder/ Programmer

The future is online. So if you learn to code then your carrier is future-proof. There are many possibilities to earn from coding. You can work for yourself or work for others. Here in this post, I have discussed all the best ideas to make money from coding, so if you are interested in coding and want to make money from coding then is one is best for you. 

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