7+ Steps to Choose a Domain Name For Business or Blog [Branded Domains]

Choosing a great domain for your blog or business is so important and most people do different mistakes while choosing domain names. Here in this post, I will discuss what are the mistakes that you do while choosing a domain and how to choose a perfect and valuable domain for your blog. 

7 Steps Choose a Perfect Domain For Business or Blog in 2023 (How to Choose a Domain Name)

If you are looking for the best tips then read the post and I am sure that you will never do any mistake while choosing a domain in this post, I will add extra value the how to choose the best-expired domain which will help your website to rank faster in any search engine.

Choose a perfect Domain For your Blog
Choose a perfect Domain For your Blog

Common Mistakes that you do while choosing a Domain

Most of the people who are new in the blogging industry will do different silly mistakes that choosing a domain for their blog/website and regrate later. I also do different mistakes while choosing my first domain. So the mistakes that every beginner do while choosing their first domain are-

  • Choosing a random domain name that has no link with their niche
  • Do not focus on the keyword-based domain
  • Do not find the volume of the domain name(keyword)
  • Do not choose a brandable domain name
  • Choose a random long domain name
  • Choose any trademark domain
  • Choose number or hyphen based domain
  • Don’t do the keyword research for the domain

These are the most common mistake that every new blogger do. You can avoid these mistakes to find a good domain for your business. Are done any mistakes from all the above then comment on that and let me know.

find a Great Domain for your Business or Blog


Choose the Perfect Blog
Choose the Perfect Blog

If you avoid all the mistakes then you can easily find a good domain but you have to always remember that will be related to your niche. To choose a good domain you must have a keyword research idea that will help you to get a high-value domain.

To know the value of your keyword you can use any keyword research tool and paste your domain name and there you find the search volume of your keyword.

You can choose an exact match domain(EMD) related to your blog niche which will help your blog rank faster on any search engine due to the EMD, so always try to choose a small and keyword matched domain.

Always try to choose a small domain related to your niche this will help your visitor to remember your blog easily. You can find good domains at different domain registrars like Godday, Namecheap, Namesilo, Dynadot, and many more. Here you can find the best domain at a cheap price.

Always try to choose.Com the domain if you are targeting all countries, if you are do blogging for a specific county then go with country-specific domain extensions(like-.Co,.In,.Ao,.Uk, etc).

Never choose any trademark name in your domain. If you use any trademark domain then you can lose your domain. There are many trademark domains like Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Instagram, and others

The best method to choose a great Expired Domain for your business

This is the best method to get a domain. Here you can find all the best domains which are already expired. Different expired domain has many backlinks and good domain authority(da) score. 

find different expired domains at Expireddomains.Net, GoDaddy auction, Namejet, fresh drop, and many more.

What is an expired domain and the benefits of expired domain?

Expired domains are the domain which is already expired by the first user. In the expired domain, the are many backlinks are connected so you do not need the create backlink to rank your website at the initial stage. 

In the expired domain, there is good domain authority in it and you don’t need to worry about domain authority and page authority.

There are also some bad expired domains that are penalized by Different search engines and they have also bad backlinks, so before you buy any expired domain, you need to deeply check the domain.


You can find different domains related to your niche and choose the best domains which have good da pa score along with the best backlinks. You can choose any domain at your budget and start your work. Avoid all the mistakes while choosing any expired domain.