(8 Steps) How to Start Blogging with Smartphone | Best Blogging Ideas in 2023

Most people or students want to start their carrier with blogging but they face different types of issues in their journey and one of the biggest issues is a laptop or computer.

Do you have the same problem? And is a laptop is a must for blogging?

Read the complete post and I will clear all your doubts and this will help you quickly start your blogging carrier. First of all laptop or computer is not necessary for blogging, you can easily start your blogging from your mobile/smartphone.

How to Start Blog with Smartphone

In 2020 smartphones are too much capable to run a blog, so you don’t need to worry about a laptop if you have a good smartphone and a good internet connection. You can easily learn blogging with the help of youtube. There is too many free blogging course out there and you can easily learn the basics of blogging from theirs.

How to Start Blogging as a Career in 2023

After you learn blogging, it’s time to start your blog with a very good niche. If you are a beginner, then I recommended you start your blog on blogger.Com. In blogger, you can learn how to write a post and how to design posts and other basics of blogging. It is free to use, but there are no customized options like a WordPress blog.

If you are serious about blogging and want to rank your blog faster on any search engine then I am recommended you go with a WordPress blog, because there are too many plugins and themes that are there, which help you to rank your blog faster on any search engine. You can buy web hosting and run your blog on WordPress.

How to Do Blogging with Smartphone

To start a blog on your smartphone you have to use a browser, where you start your blog. Google chrome is a pre-installed browser in most smartphones, so you can use that, and google chrome is also faster and secure than other browsers. To start your blog on your smartphone here is a quick guide-

  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the corner.
  3. Click on go to desktop mode
  4. Buy a hosting and domain name for your blog
  5. Connect your domain name with your blog
  6. Install WordPress on your hosting
  7. Install lightweight themes for your blog
  8. Start writing posts
Step 1
Step 2

You can easily complete all these processes with your smartphone because most of the people use the internet with their smartphones, so most of the website nowadays is mobile-friendly, because no one wants to lose the mobile traffic, so you can easily start your blog with your smartphone.

Before you start blogging you have to find a good niche, which will help you grow faster in blogging and also help your blog to rank faster on any search engine.

Best Apps that Every Blogger Should Use

If you start your blog on your smartphone then you have to use the best apps which will help you to monitor your blog.

Google chrome-this is one of the best apps for every blogger, who wants to start their blog on their smartphone. In the Chrome browser, there is an option desktop mode, which will help you to run the webpages on desktop mode. Here you can visit different sites and bookmark them, which will help you in your blogging journey.

Google analytics– one of the best app for every blogger and marketer to analyze their blog or website. In this app, you can see your real-time, audience, bounce rate, and many more. You can link your website with the google analytics code and monitor your website on your google analytics app.

You don’t need to download multiple apps for blogging because in google chrome you can use the app for the best features in the web format. You can use different social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and quora to drive traffic to your blog.

My final word on Blogging with Smartphone

Yes, it is a little bit hard to do blogging with a smartphone but it is not impossible. It does not matter that in which device you use to do blogging, it only matters how much effort you are giving to your blog and how good is your niche. So if you are working hard on your blog then you can easily run a successful blog with your smartphone.