25+ Best Small Business Ideas Under 10000 Rupees (10K)

If You Are Looking for Best Small Business Ideas Under 10000 INR, Then You Are at the Right Place.

Starting a Business Under a Low Budget, Need a Lot of Hard work and Dedication to Make It Profitable, Where in the Growth of Online Era Enhance Many Small Businesses and Online Business as to Start Under 10000 Rs and Holds a Future Possibility of Growth.

There Are Many Businesses, That Can Be Started Under Rs10000 and We Find Out Different Business Industries Like Agriculture, Automobile, Startups, Manufacturing, Large Scale Business, and Others.Small Business Ideas Under 10000 Rs

Top 25+ Best Small Business Ideas Under 10000 Rupees

India is a Developing Country Where Widely Availability of Cheap Labor, Skilled Working People, Large Land, Raw Materials, and Others.

By Making a Plan, Taking Loans, You Can Set Up a Small Scale Business in Different States and Cities in India, So Choose the Best Small Business From the Below List.

Most Profitable Blogging

If You Are Looking for a Business Idea Where You Can or From Multiple Methods Then Blogging is One of the Best Options for You.

It is One of the Best Work-from-home Online Businesses Where You Can Earn From:-

  • Ads Placement
  • Selling Personal Products and Services
  • Earn From Sponsored Post
  • Earn With Products Review
  • Affiliate Commission

And Other Countless Ideas Where You Can Make Money From a Single Blog. To Start a Blog It Needs an Investment of <$100 With a Web Hosting and Domain Name.

Smartphone Repair Shop

With a Low Investment, You Can Start a Smartphone Repair Service Which is a Future Business Idea With the Growing of Tech Industries.

Few Months of Training and Practicing You Can Start Your Own Repairing Service Business in the Local Area or Getting Product Online With Repairing Delivery Service.

Start a YouTube Channel (Niche-based, Podcast, Fintech, facts)

Starting a Youtube Channel With Selected Topics Will Help You to Grow Very Fast and Make Money With Fewer Subscribers and Views Which Comes Under Unique Business Ideas as of Its Future Scalability and Demand.

Some of the Best Youtube Channel Ideas Are

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Blogging
  3. Stocks and Trading
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Crypto
  6. Banking, Loan & Credit Cards

Start Freelancing

  • Income Potential:- Rs. 3K-100K+ Apr.
  • Investment:- No Invest
  • Location:- Online Platforms
  • Skills Required:- Specific Skills

If You Are Looking for a Part Time or Full Time Career Option Then Freelancing is Another Best Business Idea That You Can Start in Your Free Time.

Working on the Most Demanded Skills Will Help You to Get More Clients and Maximize your Earning Potential.

Some of the Most Demanding Freelance Skills Are

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Article Writing
  • Content Creation
  • Web Services
  • App Development
  • Graphics Designing

These Are the Most Demanding Freelancing Skills with the Growth of Online Businesses, So Many Business Owners Are Looking for Freelancers to Outsource the Work From Freelancers.

Small Scale Manufacturing Business

Starting of a Small Scale Manufacturing With the Market Research is Another Profitable Small Business Idea Who Are You Can Work on Different Types of Demanding Products.

You Can Work on Manufacturing Different Types of Daily Use Products, EV, Helmet Manufacturing, Foods Items, and Other Products, and Sell Both Online or Offline Market.

Profitable Small Business Ideas Under 5000 Rupees

Cleaning Service

Starting a Cleaning Service is Part Time or Full Time Option, That You Can Start With No Investment.

From Office Area to House There Are Many People Looking for Cleaning Services and You Can Provide Them This Service.

Start Tea Stall

In Rural Many People Love to Consume Tea or Coffee is One of the Highest Consuming Beverages.

So With a Low Investment Starting a Coffee Shop or Tea Stall is Another Profitable Rural Business Idea That Require Low Capital to Start.


If You Like to Teach People and Students, Then You Can Start a Tutoring Service.

It is About Full Time or Part Time Career Options to Teach Your Younger Students and Also Sign Up for Different Online Educational Platforms and Help Students to Prepare for Different Exams.

Fintech Consultancy

If You Have the Knowledge of Personal Finance, Investing, and Trading Then You Can Start a Zero Investment Financial Consultancy Firm, There and Many People Wants to Grow Their Money and Invest in Right Way So the Looking for Consultancy Service and With Your Knowledge, You Can Help Them by Making the Best Financial Decision.

Makeup & Parlor

Beauty Salon is Another Lucrative Business Which Both Men or Women Can Start as a Service Based Business.

With the Skills of Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Cutting, and Other Facial Work, You Can Run a Successful Beauty Salon Business With Multiple Services.

Street Food Business

Food Vending is Another Profitable Business That You Can Start in a Food Truck in Both Full Time or Part Time.

It is a Low Investment Business Idea That You Can Start Within the Local Area or Marketplace and Sell Different Types of Foods With the Help of a Cart, Food Truck and Permanent Setup.

Online Courses Selling

Product and Services Selling Business One of the Most Profitable Business Both Online and Offline and When It Comes to Education Then They Are Multiple Opportunities to Make Money by Teaching People.

If You Have Any Particular Skills or Like to Teach People Under Students, Then You Can Teach People Online With the Help of Different Platforms as Well as Create Many Pre Recorded Courses and Sell Them to the Students.

Social Media Influencer

There is a Huge Opportunity on Becoming a Social Media Influencer and Make Money by Collaborating With Brands and Sponsors.

There is a Huge Growth in the Social Media Platforms as the Launch of the Short Video Format.

So Start a Career as Freelancers and Create Content and Upload on Different Social Media Platforms Like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Service based Business

Service-Based Business Are Profitable Businesses That Can Be Started for Under Rs.5000 and Maximize It.

In This Business, You Can Sell Different Services Both Online and Offline and Make Money From Them.

Candle Making

If You Have the Knowledge of Candles Making Then You Can Start a Small Business Related to It.

It Is a Low Cost Small Business That is a Great Demand in the International Market for Different Purposes, by Going Through All the Processes You Can Start a Small Candle Making Business From Your Home and Sell It in the Local Market.

Farming Business

Farming is One of the Profitable Business Idea With Low Capital Invest and Need Some Space to Start. So Farming of Different Animals Like Cows, Buffalo, and Goats for Milk, Where You Process Different Milk Related Food Items Like Milk Ice Creams, Butter, and Cheese is a Good Idea.

If You Have a Low Investment, and Some Space in a Rural or Semi-rural Area Then You Can Start It.

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Frequently Asked Question and on Starting a Small Business Ideas Under Rs. 10K

Q1. What Business Can I Start With Rs 10K ?

Ans- You Can Start Both the Best Offline and Online Business Like Digital Affiliate Marketing, Domain & Website Flipping, Small Scale Processing, Cleaning Services Are the Good.

Q2. How to Start a Low Cost Business in India ?

Ans- There Are Many Low Cost Business You Can Start In India, Some of Them Are Offline and Online Like Social Media Insurance, Content Creator, Become a Youtuber Are the Best for You.

Q3. What is the Cheapest Most Profitable Business?
Ans- The Cheapest and Most Profitable Business Ideas Are Blogging, Freelancing, Content Creation, Consultancy Services, and Others.

Final Word

Under Rs. 10000, There Are Many Business You Can Start in India, but We Focused on the Best Small Business Opportunities That Provide a Better Return in the Future, Ease of Doing Business, and Flexibility, That Will Help the Businessman to Become Successful.

So Find the Best Small Business Idea According to Your Interest Which Will Help You to Make Your Dream Business Into Reality by Using Different Marketing Plans and Strategies.