25 Best Retail Business Ideas in India 2023 (Small Shop)

Looking for a Retail Business Idea Which Has a Good Demand and is Easy to Start Anywhere in India?

Below in This Post, You Can Find All the Small Scale Retail Stores, Store Ideas, and Retail Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment and Make It Profitable With Less Hard work.

Retail Businesses Are the Best Local Business Idea Which You Can Start Anywhere From City to Village in India, and Also You Can Start as an Absolute Beginner.

So It Does Not Matter if You Have Any Skills or Not Then Also With a Little Investment You Can Start Different Type of Retail Business Ideas Which Are Easy to Start and Holds a Good Market Demand.Retail Business Ideas

List of 45+ Best Retail Business Ideas in India 2023

There is a Good Potential for Starting Different High-Profit Retail Business Ideas Like Grocery Shops, Hardware, Food Retailing, and Others, Which You Can Choose as Per Your Interest and Market Understanding.

01. Grocery store (Kirana Stores)

  • Investment:- Rs.70K+ Inr Apr.
  • Income Potential:- Rs.10K+ Per Month
  • ROI- 3-6 Months

All the Business Related to Human Holds a Great Business Potential and Provide a Great Local Business Opportunity.

Grocery Business is One of Them That Require Less Capital Investment to Start Where You Can Sell Different Types of Daily Use Products to the Customer.

02. Stationery and Books Store

  • Investment:- Rs.30K- 40K Inr Apr.
  • Income Potential:- Rs.7K+ Per Month
  • ROI- 6-12 Months

Stationery and Books Selling Store is Another Retail Business Idea Which You Can Start With Low Investment in Your City, Opening a Stationary Shop Where You Can Add Different Daily Use and Educational Products and Sell in the Local Market.

03. Fruits Store

  • Investment:- Rs.35K+ Inr Apr.
  • Income Potential:- Rs.10K+ Per Month
  • ROI- 2-4 Months

With Low Investment You Can Open Fruit Selling Store in Your City. Fruit Selling Business is Another Retail Business That You Can Start as Local Business With Low Investment, Are You Can Export Different Type of Fruits From Outside and Sell them in the Local Market.Retail Business Ideas Infographics

Best Retail Business Ideas With low Cost

04. Flower Shop

  • Investment:- Rs.25K+ Inr Apr.
  • Income Potential:- Rs.7K+ Per Month
  • ROI- 3-6 Months

With a Low Budget, You Can Start Flowers Flower Shop in Your City, It is Another Profitable Retail Business Idea Where You Can Sell Different Types of Flowers, Provide Decoration Services, and Sell Bouquets.

Flower is a Daily Use Product That is Mostly Used From Ritual Works to Weddings and by Starting It You Can Earn Money From It.

05. Gift Shop

So Starting a Small Gift Shop is Another Local Retail Business Idea Which You Can Start in Your City With a Low Capital Investment.

From Wedding to Birthday Parties There is Always a Demand of Different Gifts and Starting a Small Business About Gift Selling is a Good Local Business Idea.

06. Cosmetics Store

Cosmetic Store is Another Retail Business Idea That Require Low Capital to Start is a Local Business.

In Your Store, You Can Sell Different Types of Cosmetic Items, Health Care Items, Makeup Kits, and Others by Targeting the Female Customers.

07. Medical Store

If You Have a Medical Background, for Medication Certificate Then You Can Start a Medical Store in Your City, It is a Growing and a Demanding Small Business That Comes With Retail Business Idea, Where You Can Sell Different Medicines as a Pharmacist.

08. Clothing Shop

Opening a Clothing Shop is a Great Retail Business Where You Have to Do a Market Research to Gain More Sales, So Starting a Clothing Shop Where You Can Sell Different Clothes Related to Young People Will Help You to Attract More Customers and Make More Sales.

09. Art Shop

If you Have the Skills to Creating Handmade Products Then You Can Start a Small Business Related to It, There Are Many People Already Selling Handmade Products and You Can Start This Business Also.

It is a Low Investment Rural Business Idea and You Can Sell Your Handmade Products in the Local Market.

10. Furniture Business

Start of a Small Scale Furniture Making Business is Another Profitable Retail as Idea if You Have Some Prior Knowledge About It, Then You Can Open a Furniture Retailing Business Where You Can Sell Different Daily Use Furniture Products Like Tables, Chair, Office Furniture, and Others.

Best Retail Shop Business Ideas to Start

11. Ice Cream Shop

Starting of an Ice Cream Cart is Another Profitable and Beginner Friendly Small Business Idea That You Can Start With a Low Capital Investment.

12. Sports Shop

Sports Shop is Another Small Business Idea That Comes Under Retail Business That Require Low Investment to Start.

Open a Sports Shop in Your City Where You Can Sell Different Types of Sports Item Like Football, Bat and Ball, Net, Wickets and Other Items.

Choosing the Right Market Place, Management, and Marketing Will Help to Attract More Young Customers to Your Business.

13. Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon is Another Lucrative Business Which Both Men or Women Can Start as a Service Based Business.

With the Skills of Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Cutting, and Other Facial Work, You Can Run a Successful Beauty Salon Business With Multiple Services.

14. Tech Accessories Selling Shop

Making a Plan, Choosing a Market Location, and a Small Capital Investment Will Help You to Start a Profitable Tech Accessories Selling Business.

It is Another Retail Business Idea Which Has a Great Demand and It Will Grow in the Future is the Growth of the Tech Industry, It Need Not Require Any Prior Skills to Start This Business and Make It Growing.

15. Kids Store (Baby Shop)

Starting of a Kids Store is a Good Idea as People Love to Take Care Of Their Babies and Spend a Good Amount of Money.

So with a Good Investment, You can Start a Kids Store and Sell Different Types of Products Like Dress, Beanie, Socks, Diaper, Toys, and Others.

Top 10+ Shop Business ideas to Start in India 2023

  1. Mobile Store
  2. Online Store
  3. Vending Machines
  4. Bakery
  5. Handmade Seller
  6. Clothing Shop
  7. Art Shop
  8. Tea Shop
  9. Furniture Business
  10. Ice Cream Shop
  11. Sports Shop
  12. Beauty Salon
  13. Tech Accessories Shop
  14. Kids store (Baby Shop)

Frequently Asked Question on Low Cost Retail Business Ideas 2023 (F&Q)

What Retail Business is the Most Profitable?

Starting of Grocery Shops, Kids Stores, Repairing Shop, Tea Shop, and Ice Cream Shop Are the Best Retail Business With Good Profit Margins.

What is a Good Retail Business to Start?

Low Capital and Profitable Retail Business Are Tech Repairing & Accessories Shop, Baby Care, and Food Truck Are the Best Business.

How to Start a Retail Business in 2023 ?

With Low Investment, Finding a Market Place, and Intrest Will Help to Start a Profitable Retail Business With a Good Profit.

What Are 5 Retail Examples?

Grocery Stores, Stationery, Cosmetic Stores, Sports Shops, and Kid's Wear Are the 5 Retail Business Examples.

Final Word

From Frequently Asked Questions to Local Store Ideas We Have Added All the Best Retail Business Which Are Best for Beginners and Local Entrepreneurs, Find the Best Retail Store Ideas, New Retail Business Ideas, Retail Shop Ideas, Ideas for Shops to Open, and Other Small Scale Business Opportunity That Will Help You to Start.

So Choose the Best Small Business Idea According to Your Interest, Was That and Market Demand That Will Help You to Get Success.