15 Best Street Food Business Ideas in India (Low Cost & Easy)

If You Are Looking for the Best Food Business Ideas in India to Start, Then You Are at the Right Place.

Here You Will Find Different Types of Food Business Ideas and Profitable Street Food Business Opportunities That Provide a Huge Return in Terms of Investment.

Majorly We Focused on Different Food Selling Business From Street Food to Packaged Foods, That Need Low Investment to Start a Holds Good Income Opportunities.Street Food Business Ideas

Top 15+ Best Profitable Food Business Opportunities Ideas

These Are the Business Which You Can Start in a Small Stall in a Crowded Place or in a Market Area, in Both Full Time or Part Time Options.

India Has a Wide Demand and Huge Popularity of Street Foods and You Can Start Different Options After Finding the Popular Foods in Your State.

Here You Will Find All the Best Food Business Ideas, Street Food Business Ideas, Small Food Business Ideas, and Others That You Can Start According to Your Interest, and Market Demand.

Biryani Stall

Running a Biryani Stall on Market Side or a Crowded Place Helps to Drive More Customers to Eat the Delicious Biryani, Biryani One of the Most Delicious and Tasty Main Course Foods Which You Can Prepare From Your Home and Serve to the People by Opening a Small Stall.

Momo Stall

Starting a Small Scale Momos Business is a Profitable Food Business Idea, Where You Sell Different Types of Momos Like in Veg Momo, Chicken Momos, Fried Momos, and Steamed.

So Choose a Crowded Place in Your City and Start a Small Scale Momos Stall to Get More Customers

Pav Bhaji Stall

Starting a Small Scale Pav Bhaji Stall on the Street is a Good Food Business Idea, There Are Many People Are Very Fond of Pav Bhaji as It Comes With a Good Test and Protein.

So With a Minimum Investment, You Can Run a Pav Bhaji Stall Where You Can Offer Different Types of Pav Bhaji Like Cheese, Paneer, and Dry Foods Bhaji.

Profitable Small Food Business Ideas 2023

Food Truck

Food Vending is Another Profitable Business That You Can Start in a Food Truck in Both Full Time or Part Time.

It is a Low Investment Business Idea That You Can Start Within the Local Area or Marketplace and Sell Different Types of Foods With the Help of a Cart, Food Truck and Permanent Setup.

Sandwich Stall

With a Minimum Investment, You Can Learn a Small Scale Sandwich Stall in Your City.

Many People Like to Have a Sandwich While Going to Work in the Morning, So Starting of a Small Scale Sandwich Selling Business Holds a Great Potential. Finding a Crowded Place University and Run a Stall Where You Offer Veg Sandwich, Cream Sandwich, Cheese Sandwiches, Chocolate Sandwich Etc.

Chinese Food Stall

Starting a Small Scale Chinese Food Selling Stall or Restaurant is a Great Food Business Idea Where You Can Send Different Types of Chinese Foods Like Chowmin, Egg Rolls, Cutlets, Chicken Leg Pieces, and Spring Rolls It Holds is a Great Potential.

You Can Start This Business in the Evening Time Are People Spend Their Three Time in Restaurants or Eating Their Favorite Fast Foods.

Fast Food Business Idea with low Cost in 2023

Idli, Sambar & Bara Stall

Idli & Bara Stall is a Most Popular South Indian Fast-food and People Consume It as Fast Food in Thee Morning Time, Starting a Small Scale Idli, Sambar & Bara Stall Needs a Minimum Capital Investment and Choose a Crowded Place Like Market Area, College and Near Train Station Will Help to More Customers.

Pani Puri Stall

Pani Puri or Phuchka Stall is a Lucrative Street Food Business Which is a Low Capital Segment Business Idea. It is Widely Popular Among Young People, So Starting a Small Scale Pani Puri Business Where You Process All the Items From Home and Sell them in the Market.

Tea Stall

In Rural Many People Love to Consume Tea or Coffee is One of the Highest Consuming Beverages.

So With a Low Investment Starting a Coffee Shop or Tea Stall is Another Profitable Rural Business Idea That Require Low Capital to Start.

Juice Stall

With a Minimum Investment, You Can Start a Small Scale Juice Making Business by Purchasing a Small Juice Machine, Where You Can Sell Different Juice in the Market.

It Needs Basic Processing Skills to Process the Fresh Quality Juice and Then Serve to the Customers.

Top 10 Best Fast Food Business are:-

  1. Ice cream Center
  2. Chai Stall
  3. Burger joints
  4. Popcorn Stall
  5. Sweet & Snacks Stall
  6. Chaat Stall
  7. Cold Drinks Stall

Top 10+ Best Food Franchise Names Business

  1. Burger King
  2. KFC
  3. Subway
  4. Domino’s Pizza
  5. Tibbs Frankie Franchise
  6. Wow! Momo
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts
  8. Amul Ice Cream Corporation
  9. Chick Blast
  10. Pizza Hut

Frequently Asked Question and Answer on Street Food Business Ideas (F&Q)

How to Start a Street Food Business With Low Cost ?

Finding the Demanding Food and the Right Customers Will Help You to Start a Food Business With Low Cost and Street Food is One of Them.

What are The Best Street Food Business Ideas in India ?

Biryani Shop, Chinese Food Stores, Momo Stall, Pav Bhaji Stalls, and Pani Puri Business Are the Most Profitable Street Food Businesses to Attract the Young Customers.

Is Street Food Business is Profitable ?

Starting a Street Food Business is Very Profitable You Can Start With Low Cost, and Both Full Time or Part Time Career.

What Food is Easy to Make and Sell ?

Street Food Business Are the Easy to Make and Ready to Sell Ideas.

My Opinion

After a Research, I Add the Best Street Foods Which Will Help You to Start a High Profitable Street Food Business, Require Low Investment to Start and Make It Profitable.

So Start With a Small Stall or a Food Truck Will Help You to Start This Business in Full Time or Part Time. Providing Discounts on Different Foods Will Give You an Initial Boost.