(TOP 5) Best Blogging Niche For Girls 2023 [Blogging for Girls] Make Money Online

If you are looking for the best ideas to Earn Money Online in 2023 then Advance Blogging is one of the best ideas. You can do blogging anywhere that you like. You can do blogging from your home or office or anywhere you love. 

Everyone can do blogging if he/she has a patience. This is a special post for Girls, Women, Housewives, and How to Find the Best Niches for girls, how to grow the niches and Best Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money in 2023
Before you start your blogging journey, you must have a good vision to grow your niche, this will help you to grow faster and earn a good amount of money.
Making money online is not easy but if you work hard, learn, and apply continuously, then no one can stop you from getting success.
Best Blogging Niches for girls
Best Blogging Niches for girls

Before you start your blog or website you have to find out the topic that you are interested in. Then you have to check the keywords and do keyword research to find out the best keywords according to your niches. Always try to find out low-competition keywords because it helps you rank faster.

Best Niche Ideas to Start a Profitable Career in blogging for girls

There are many good niches for girls to start their online income but some of the best and profitable niches that I recommended to you are Food, Beauty, Vlogs, Finance, Fashion, Travel, and Cooking.

These are the most profitable blogging niches that you can work and you can earn a very good amount of money if you work consistently on these niches. You can choose any of these niches to start your online carrier.

After choosing your favorite niche you have to create a website to write posts related to your niche. You can start your blog with blogger.Com with a custom domain. 
Custom domain(.Com,.In.Net,.Xyz, etc) helps you to rank your blog very fast and it is good for SEO(search engine optimization). 

When you start your making money from your blog or website then purchase hosting and shift your website from blogger to WordPress because there are many plugins and themes to design your blog For Attractive Looks, Which can Help to Increase Sales and user Engagement.

Best niche Explanation and Multiple Sources of Income From Blogging

Now I will explain all the niches and how you can grow your website and all the ideas that you can implement to your website to make money from it. 


All the niches are very good and easy to rank with the help of longtail keywords and there multiple ways to make money from that.

Multiple Methods to Monetize Blog

There are multiple ideas to make money from blogs but in this post, I will discuss all the best methods to make money from blogs without disturbing your readers. 

The most common way to make money from your blog is to monetize your blog with different AdsNetwork. 
This is the most traditional way to make money from your blog and this is one of the best ways to make money from any blog. Another way to make money from your blog is affiliate marketing. 
Here you can sell products related to your niche and make a commission from those products. You can sell cooking products like kitchen appliances, spices, recipe books, and other products. 

You can choose products from Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, or any other company by joining their affiliate program. You can also make a good amount by selling your personal product like recipe books, kitchen products, cooking courses, and many more

Food blog or Micro Niche Food Blog

This is a very big niche and there are many topics to cover in this niche. You can start your blog with a food blog or you can take a small part of it and start a micro niche blog and there is also a very big scope in micro niche blogging. 


Create a micro-niche blog like- best Indian recipes, best non-veg recipes, best food in India, best foot in south Asia, and many more. You can easily choose a micro niche blog and start your food blog and it is very easy to rank a micro-niche blog.

How to grow your food blog

To grow a food blog you have to find out the best low competition keywords with high CPC related to your blog and then you have to cover those keywords or write articles on those keywords. 


Ask your competitor’s website for a backlink or guest post. This will help you get backlinks which will help you rank your blog. Always try to provide good and engaging articles to your readers. This will help you rank your post on any search engine.

Beauty blog and Different Micro Niche blog related to beauty

This is also one of the best blogs for girls, who want to make money from their homes by using the internet. Most of the girls use different beauty products so it is very easy to start a beauty blog. It is also a very big niche so you can create a different micro-niche blog on this beauty niche. 

In this blog you can review different beauty products like face wash, face cream, suns cream, makeup kit, and many more products related to fashion, you write the pros and cons of that products and give affiliates like to buy. 

Target longtail keywords and grow your blog and you can also share your blog with your friend’s circle and do the SEO to rank your website on google. These are the best ideas to grow a successful beauty blog.

Travel blog or Local guide

If anyone loves to travel then you can easily grow a travel blog and make by from your laptop while traveling. In a travel blog, you can choose a particular place and post about that. You can also write about your local touring areas and post than on your blog and you can easily get traffic because of low competition. 

It takes time to grow a travel blog but when you grow your travel blog then you can get different brand approaches and sponsor posts and traveling companies invest a lot amount of money on these types of blogs, they can also give you free trips for promotion. 

There are different ways to make money from it, but the sponsored post is the best way to make money from it. So if you want to make money by traveling then start your travel blog today.


All the above niches are very good for girls to start a blog and if you work hard then you can easily get success. 

Blogging is not so easy so you have to keep learning and hard working to get success and this will definitely help you start a passive income From Home. 
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