17+ Best Affiliate Marketing Ideas Without Website (Affiliate Marketing Ides)

Everyone is looking to Make money online but they could not find any legit way to make money. Making money online is not as easy as people think but there any many legit ways to make money online but you have to learn all the genuine ways. 
If you are interested in this topic then read the complete post. There are many genuine ways to make money online like blogging, freelancing, apps marketing, eCommerce, and many more. But you need some basic knowledge and investment before you start your online carrier. 

In this post, I will discuss all the best methods to make money online without any basic investment or any knowledge and you can start making money without creating any website or apps, so if you are looking for all those methods to start your online income then read this post.

Start Your Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business

Start Affiliate Marketing without any Website or Apps

One of the easiest methods to start your online income is affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing business is growing very fast nowadays. It is very useful to start your business. If you have no idea about affiliate marketing then it is a business where you promote other products and get a commission. 

Most of the people only have an idea on Amazon affiliate but there are many companies and brands like foods, Fashions, Beauty, Digital products that have also affiliate programs and the commission rate is also high. 
Some of the companies like hosting, themes, WordPress plugins, and others are paying recurring commissions. I have already written a complete post on how to choose the best affiliate program for the business
Here in this post, I will share how you can make money by promoting affiliate products without creating any websites or apps.

Best methods to promote your affiliate products for free

You can easily join or sign up for some best social media platforms and web forums to promote different affiliate products. All social platforms are very useful and free to promote your products because there are millions of traffic and it is very easy to find buyers related to your products. 

First of all, you have to find the best products that you want to promote and then join the affiliate program related to your products. 
You can find affiliate products on Amazon, ClickBank, Jvjoo, CJ, and other affiliate companies, after finding the best products related to your niche you can join the affiliate program, and then you can get the affiliate link of that product, now you are ready to promote your product.

(Note-you can not promote Amazon affiliate products on social media otherwise your affiliate account will be suspended, you can only promote your amazon affiliate links on your websites, apps, and other forums)

Use of different social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others have millions of traffic daily, so this will be a very good opportunity to promote your affiliate products. 

Join different groups and pages related to your product on social media. You can also create your own FB and Instagram pages and promote your affiliate products. 
build your own audience and sell your affiliate products. You can use Instagram to sell your products related to young audiences because Instagram is full of young users, so this is best for getting a good conversion from affiliate marketing. 
You can use Pinterest to sell your beauty and fashion-related products because there are more than 70% of females use Pinterest, so you can use Pinterest to target the female audience, you can also use a Pinterest business account to monitor your traffic and conversion. 
These are the best methods to promote affiliate products on social media and you can easily earn a good amount of money by selling affiliate products on social media websites.

Use of web forums

You can use different web forums to promote the affiliate products you can write post related to your products and paste the affiliate link there if anyone like your post then there is a high chance of selling product. You can use medium.Com to write the post and there are millions of traffic on medium.Com. 

You can also find different questions related to your products on quora. You can answer all the questions and paste your affiliate link there. These are the best methods to sell affiliate products without any website or app.

Use of youtube

The traffic on youtube is very high and everyone loves to watch the video rather than reading articles, so this is also one of the best methods to promote your product for free. 

You can easily create your youtube account for free and upload videos related to your affiliate product. You can create your video by using your smartphone. There are Many Youtuber Use this Method to Sell Products.

If you want to grow your business and conversion then you can also use paid methods to get more conversion. You can run different ads related to your products. You can use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and google ads to promote your products. 

These are the best methods to promote your affiliate products with some investment. If you start your income then you can use both paid methods and free methods to grow your affiliate business.

For example– if you have any affiliate products related to fashion then you can create Facebook and Instagram pages and promote the best fashion products with your affiliate link, you can also write a different post on web forums related to fashion. 

You can also find questions on Quora related to fashion and answer the questions with you your affiliate link. You can also suggest to them the best fashion products. Upload different fashion-related videos.

Ideas to Grow your Successful Business in 2023

You do not need your website or apps to make money online, you can use affiliate marketing to make a good amount of money from the internet. You just need some patient and hard work. You can also use digital affiliate marketing to get the best income from affiliate marketing. 

I hope you like this post if you are looking for more most related to making money online, business growth, and online business development then you can check another post of this. Please share this post with your friends who want to make money online in 2023.